Meetings and communication via the Internet

By the way, about the questionnaire

With the advent of the global network, most people once started with knowledge and communication over the InternetSuch communication has a virtual novelistic character, which can take place over time and is real. In short, knowledge, communication, correspondence with people from all over the world, sometimes become even more accessible for us, simple knowledge, on the move, because in the network it is much easier: you have no shame, no shyness. Knowledge through the global network is not a waste of time or a stupid lesson. This is very promising, which may lead to good results in the near future. After all, meeting children over the Internet is, first of all, a great experience of communicating with them, and you can easily choose someone who fully shares your Hobbies and interests with you. Now let's finish with the basic principles and rules of Dating, communication and correspondence on the global network. Virtual acquaintance. Your correspondence and acquaintance will be more relevant if you search for his"virtual friend"on a Dating site. The advantage of these sites is that you can find exactly what you like with maximum ease and accuracy using the search term. Here each"virtual character"has its own profile, photo album and a complete list of their Hobbies and preferences in life. Thanks to this, you can easily paint a portrait of the person I met, and you are their communication. But it is worth remembering that knowledge on such sites and on the Internet in General has a number of features that we have and want to know about. Thus, the global network has a large number of people who pursue different goals. For example, friendship, love, relationships, sex, flirting, or simply their goal is to correspond with a partner. Of course, there are some people who visit the global network out of curiosity. Remember that if a person is serious about communication and can even virtually expand the romance, you need to fill out your profile very carefully and take your own photos. By the way, about the photos.

If you want to get to know someone seriously, don't forget to create an electronic photo album yourself.

Photos are better suited for such purposes as home and cozy surroundings. It is important that your face is clearly visible in the photo (photos taken with sunglasses or at extreme angles are not considered). An interesting fact is that most visitors to Dating sites pay great attention to reproducing this photo album, even in order to get to know you using questionnaires. If you still want to have serious knowledge, don't forget to clearly define in your question what exactly you are looking for on this site and what goals you are pursuing with it. Also indicate your interests and Hobbies tomorrow. Remember that here you can find not only your love, but also that he is a loyal friend, but if you have his knowledge, then follow the flirt and then upload photos and direct his attention to those who have the same masterpieces. Finally, it should be remembered that familiarity with the global network can always lead to more interesting development of activities. By the way, on Dating sites, the first step of a girl takes quite normally. Internet communication and its essence. When you start a virtual conversation with your friend, do not forget about the main goals for which you are doing it.

So if you like it, you can write it first

This is the only way to avoid confusing and ambiguous situations.

During this conversation, try to tell the other person all their"pros"and"cons"and try to decide how much this person has made an impression on you. During a virtual meeting, as in real life, it is necessary to practice politeness and respect for the person who is on the other side of the monitor, as well as avoid explicit and negative statements about him. By the way, don't forget your sense of humor. And thanks to jokes, you will be able to interest your friend and illuminate your communication. Email and their functions. Virtual communication and correspondence also have their own individual details and rules, the violation of which can greatly affect the further course of events. So, the main rules of correspondence with a person over the Internet: The first rule: don't try to describe your entire life, no matter how interesting and rich you've never been. This openness can completely scare away the opposite sex. Write down everything you think, but not that. Answer a few questions simply and briefly with a"Yes"or"no"without going into too much detail.

Always ask the same number of questions, which will not exceed the number of your presets. The second rule: Try to tell the truth and nothing more.

Don't lie about your appearance, marital status, and many other life details.

Remember that sooner or later any deception will become a reality and will have a strong impact on how things stand with you in the future.

It must accept you as you are, without useless masks and frills. The third rule is That your business will not be significantly affected. Do not fall asleep with Young e-mails and postcards.

It can only be scary.

Remember that all men like to win, so your job is to get the other person interested, and everything else is already behind you. If you go on alone, you will simply lose all interest. Of course, it is not necessary not to respond to his message, just find the focus of your correspondence and save his face. But in any case, remember that the course of events depends solely on men. Last but not least, and not for long, is the strengthening of virtual communication and correspondence. If you are completely suitable for your virtual friend, it is not noticeable for a real meeting. Only if she offers in a timely manner. Good connection.

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