Men's jokes are Beaten by men

The Coolidge effect is a Joke in honor of Mr

Start men's jokes jokes men's jokes and men's jokes men and women and weddings-photo Gallery men and women love each other on funny opposite sexHere is a selection of jokes, men love women and their relationships with women. Jokes, anecdotes and a cheerful bass, smiles and laughter to stimulate. Good reading and lots of fun. Marriage is a two-to-two effort, with difficulties, alone, that would never have happened. Woody Allen-so that in the future there will no longer be conversations about cross-purposes and knowledge. The President of the United States, who once visited the farm with his"wife". When his wife said that the rooster kills him up to several times a day, he should have replied: tell Me about my husband. As they were, they met and were at a loss as for what to do tonight, there should be business to be had. They didn't agree, but then they said,"let's go to the Gasthof Zum L, which leaves, the maid is sharp and wears a blouse. Before I could say it, I did it. Ten years later, when they met again and were again confused by the fact that the enterprise was also there that evening. At first they had a different opinion, but then they said,"let's Go to the Gasthof Zum L, who should go because you eat very well and there are some fine wines on the wine list."Ten years later, when they met again, and were once again confused by the fact that the enterprise had arrived that evening.

At first they didn't agree, but then they said:"Ten years later, when they met again, and were again confused, that evening and the company."At first they didn't agree, but then he said:"Lately I've been, they've met again and been confused again, which is what this evening and business is all about.

At first they didn't agree, but then they said:"Let's go to the hotel at the end of the day. L, who should go."He said something else: Good idea, since we've never been there. You have to be gentle with her, and sometimes you have to kiss her. A woman like her wants to be happy, the doctor says. But I never have time, says the farmer. I am in the field from morning to night, and if I really want to, I don't go to the NHS. Then you take the rifle with you into the field, and if it turns sharply, you strike into the air. Then you know your wife, who must come immediately. The farmer will not see a doctor for several weeks. Then he comes to the doctor with his head down. Even in the beginning, says the farmer.

But the hunt started three weeks ago, and I haven't seen it since.

Hell, I have a recipe, probably hot. A man with a frog in his head goes to the doctor. He says to the frog:"Doctor, look, I'm here, stepping on something.A man with a frog on his head at the doctor's.

He says to the frog:"Doctor, look, I'm stepping on something."Go to the doctor.

The doctor listens for a while, eh then his diagnosis: it's a clear case.

The man says:"I still like him in the second opinion.

There was a damn attention span, just a chicken on a horse

What is the difference between a therapist, a surgeon, a psychiatrist and a therapist a Doctor has the slightest idea, but no surgeon has any idea, but all psychiatrists don't know and can't do anything, and yet an understanding pathologist knows everything, can do everything, but always comes too late.

The man is sitting with the psychiatrists.

He asks for a doctor:"What's the problem? Doctor, are you a clairvoyant? The doctor says,"Oh, really. And when he started. Four doctors are sitting on a table. The doctor says:"I'm leaving."See you. The vet says: I'm going to Moscow. Says the podiatrist: Leg and neck.

LOR says you'll come with me."Let's listen to each other.

The urologist says:"I think I'll get my own dick, too."Says the gynecologist. He looks at me again."Good morning, doctor, my problem is that I ignored what I was trying to do. Come on, You are welcome. The chief of the psychiatric hospital has assembled medical staff: They did capture eight patients, and the fire broke out. It depends on the medical staff. Why eight? We came back twenty-three. Now I say it for the last time, the doctor, the nurse, screams. If you have a death certificate, fill it out and write the name of the disease, not the name of the attending physician.

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