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Criteria include age, gender, and sexual preferences

Mobile Dating, also known as cell Dating, mobile phone Dating or mobile phone Dating to give people the ability to chat, flirt, date and possibly have romantic relationships with each other through text messages, mobile chats and mobile InternetThese services allow users to provide information about themselves in a short profile stored on their mobile phone in the form of a Dating ID or username on a mobile Dating site. Then they can search for other identifiers on the Internet or call a certain number of phones dictated by the service. These sites are usually free, but there may still be a standard text message fee, plus a small Dating service fee. Mobile Dating sites to increase Dating opportunities to focus on users who share the same social network and intimacy. Some companies also offer services such as homing devices for alerts users when another user is within thirty meters. Some systems use Bluetooth technology to connect users in places such as bars and Nightclubs.

These systems are even more popular than online Dating in some European and Asian countries.

With the advent of GPS, GSM mobile phones and the advent of location, proximity, Dating, popularity is likely to grow rapidly. According to the San Francisco Chronicle,"Mobile Dating is the next big leap in online socialization."More than a million mobile phone users connected to mobile Dating sites in March, with the majority of users falling into the age group. Some experts believe that the growth of mobile Dating is related to the growing popularity of online Dating.

This is called proximity to meetings

Others think it's about"choice,"as Joe Brennan, Jr, Vice President of online Dating, puts it:"We are talking about giving people have a choice."I don't know about their computers.

They can schedule appointments on their mobile phones, which gives people the ability to decide which way is best for them.

A recent study found that millions of people in the only-Born KINGDOM are currently searching for a partner online every month.

This is already a significant increase (millions).

This increase is probably due to Mobile Dating, due to current social Dating services such as Stoppa or Video Dating, which allow people to quickly establish new contacts. The growth of mobile Dating and, in particular, The Stoppa Dating app has changed the way you meet and connect with potential partners. Some believe that the proliferation of such apps is fueled by modern Dating behavior. Some of them avoid these services, fearing that this technology can be used to harass users electronically.

Another problem is"asymmetry interest groups", i.e.

attractive members get too much attention and leave, which can lead to a decline in membership.

At the"mobile Dating Conference Date", the first consumer focus group for mobile Dating apps unanimously repeated the same complaints as in previous years. All participants expressed some concern about the risk. These concerns varied among participants and included physical, emotional and sexual risks, the risk of being cheated, the risk of dangerous and shady people, the risk of pregnancy, the risk to the family, the risk of lying and cheating. To counteract these risks, participants conducted a series of activities in which they used the technological resources at their disposal, as well as evaluating how others used or did not use this technology.

Having entered another era of many technological innovations, which was"sex techno", we also entered another era of"sexual"encounters.

Mobile Dating has begun to take shape. Proxy Dating was one of the first Bluetooth Dating services. In Matching, Web Dating Lava and Life were the first leaders in the field of mobile Dating. Mobile Dating only started with the iPhone, and the year of mobile Dating has become mainstream. Since then, mobile Dating has gradually overtaken online Dating. Match and POF now look beyond their registration and come from mobile phones. The mobile Dating market will grow to $. G-Dating is becoming more popular as G-networks and mobile video become more popular. The potential of single video calls provides greater security and helps ensure the authenticity of members. Dating market, how to add mobile web versions and mobile phone apps to online Dating sites. Some sites only offer mobile phones for phones and tablets that do not have access to the web version.

The market for mobile Dating apps is estimated at$.

billions."Stoppa is competitive in this market, the app had more than fifty million users in October, and was also valued at"somewhere between a million and a billion dollars."We are experiencing rapid and very"exponential growth", with most of these Dating sites creating plus Dating apps that are only used via a mobile device.

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