My Little talk-Meetings in The

- armor project for Dating, Here you can find friends

the author of the project Is Sanat, he himself embodied, He took, he is also An advertising designer and designer Of the group

The idea for the project Came in September, when she Was enjoying a regular Chatroulette session.

Unfortunately, she is quite thin, No one found men in The procurements there, which is Why I left the roulette And went on. I thought it would be A good idea to create An armor for roulette.

Using my knowledge of programming, I created such a service

But he couldn't decide To start doing it until His colleague's idea came Up, and when I heard That the idea of truth Was good, I started translating.

It took about - weeks to Develop the chat, including ad development. When the project was technically Ready, there were still moments Of testing, so I created A team of testers who Helped make the chat bigger. Of course, the list may Go on for a very Long time, but not his Anger at me, which is Not mentioned. If so, write to me.

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