North Korea and the United States: trump and Kim want to meet

The white house called a meeting and confirmed it

President of the United Kingdom Donald trump has held a historic meeting with North Korean leaders, and Kim Jong-UN has been declared readyAn impressive development in the nuclear sphere with North Korea: UNIT President Donald trump and North Korean power Kim Jong UN want to move to the historic center of the summit before the beginning of the summer. An invitation to the meeting was sent to Kim as South Korean security adviser Chung Yong on Thursday (local time) in Washington, he said. The leaders of Seoul said that the meeting should take place before the end of may. This is the first ever meeting between a UN President and a North Korean leader. Earlier this week in Pyongyang, Chung met with a South Korean high-level delegation of the North Korean leadership. So, he shared with Kim I, I have his firm will to trump as soon as possible. According to Kim, Chun stated that nuclear weapons and missile tests in North Korea are conducted regularly, at least for now. He also said that he sees how the issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is being resolved, and therefore I see how these tests are going.

Trump accepted the invitation, the White house confirmed

Chang set out on his journey after stopping in Seoul and Washington, where the United States government was informed about it by an Information meeting on Thursday. Then he entered the White house in front of the press so that the summit could be announced. Trump called the planned meeting with North Korea a Powerful step forward in efforts to stop North Korea's nuclear program. In his speech, Kim Jong-UN Ho addressed the South Korean denuclearization commissioners not only with zero results. At this stage, non-rocket tests will also be conducted from North Korea. Trump said that the sanctions imposed by the UN States will remain in effect until an agreement is reached. The white house has told us that at this point, the maximum pressure strategy is close to your heart. We expect North Korea to achieve nuclear disarmament. Meanwhile, all sanctions remain in force. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said goodbye to the summit between trump and Kim.

He highly appreciates the changes in North Korea aimed at starting negotiations for nuclear disarmament, Abe said in Tokyo.

Although North Korea, but not concrete steps towards elegant, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization, I will maintain the highest pressure on the Ground in Japan. The conflict over North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile program, which took place last year, is dangerously acute and poses a mutual threat of war between UN States and North Korea. In September, the international tested a country isolated from Russia hydrogen bomb. At the end of November, it boasted along with North Korea of testing an Intercontinental ballistic missile and declared all the continental States currently located on the North Korean missile range as Latin Americans. In his speech at the United Nations, he made a threat of complete destruction of the country if Pyongyang is not under control in the conflict over its nuclear and missile programs. Several times around trump, Kim is a rocket Man. Kim, in turn, in a new year's speech called trump a mentally retarded American and still threatened to use nuclear weapons. The nuclear button is always on my Desk, he said in a speech to the people. All this has fueled international fears of nuclear war. However, in his new year's speech, Kim noted that North Korea is sending a delegation to South Korea for the Winter Olympic games. This marked the beginning of a rapprochement between South and North Korea that led to North Korea's participation in the Pyeongchang Winter games. Note: the Current password must consist of at least one character, a capital letter, a number, and a special character. If you forgot your password, you can use the email address that you used to register the recovery. Welcome to My ZDF. You will receive a short message. Please confirm within a few hours of registering by clicking on the link there. Unfortunately, registration didn't work. Please delete your history and cookies and click on our confirmation link again.

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