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If he takes a step in the same direction

Building relationships over the Internet is easier for many people than in real lifeIn the virtual world, you can find"your"person, and the probability that they will meet you offline tends to zero (for example, if they come from another country). However, it is advisable to follow some rules so as not to be burned. Not hurry Many newcomers who register on Dating sites are disappointed. Often you immediately encounter sexually anxious partners who hide madly in love under a mask. If you are not trained in specialized services, such as Partners for Sex, where they look for partners for sex, it can be a shock. Actually, everyone wants different things on Dating sites. Those who have"one-time"or virtual sex, others you want to sell sex, and still others just talk, because only, fourthly, they find a free guide to where to go on a business trip, the fifth collects material for psychological research.

But among them there are those who want to have a serious relationship. How to recognize people who are better off not communicating with. The conversation begins with incredible compliments and quick distractions on the topic of sex. The photo of the person you are talking to is free or in a photo. It has come to you beautifully, but in a General way, a message that can be given to everyone else without being specific.

Usually boys write to girls again. The partner acts without great compliments, promises mountains of gold and a million red roses, urgently requests personal information or sends a photo."In case of failure, there can always be an abyss. They write to you about the terrible pain that has occurred in the family, and ask for money. Such demands can be made after a long and thoughtful conversation.

Find a new hobby, travel, read, go to the gym

Feel free to ask for proof. A new friend who is ready to visit you"now"to meet you. Follow the saying that"Caution is better than indulgence". A new useful experience, but always think about your security, because you may face fraud. If you feel that something unpleasant is ungrateful, it is better not to rush. Those who really love you don't stop talking to you, even if you refuse to go on a date or send a few thousand dollars"for grandma's drugs." Write the truth Sooner or later, you'll have to switch off. So, if the photos were processed well ten years ago, then the date can become a disappointment. It would be better if the photo spoke honestly and correctly: because this"business card"will judge who you are and what you want. So if you are looking for a serious relationship, then it is better to avoid photos without a shirt, in an obvious swimsuit, with a grill and a bottle of vodka in your hand, and even an egoist in the background of someone else's car treasure. Admit that you do not categorically like fruit, it drives at night and you do not like kittens, it is better to do it once. But don't exaggerate: information about a recently removed Appendix is definitely redundant. Expose your soul (and body) and you'll still be on time. And besides, it is always better to write the truth without cliches and spelling mistakes. To develop sympathy Sympathy is an important quality that allows you to better understand the feelings and emotions of another person. This helps to distinguish real sympathies from imaginary ones, to avoid illusions and disastrous consequences for viscosity ratios. It also does not allow those who believe that the world revolves only around them. The rules are simple. If you like someone, try to explain why. Give me a reason."He put up pictures, took an interest in something unusual, and so on. Try to find interesting topics like that, and more. Be polite, don't try to show everything you can. Show tolerance if you are denied this. Don't try to"blow up"the border: healthy relationships can only be built on mutual respect. If a person likes it, do not make him"run", the feelings have become stronger. If you back down, draw conclusions and don't run after him (unless you're wrong in this case, then apologize). Don't waste time on people you don't like, don't keep them"just the same".

Remember, they can do the same to you. Don't set up unnecessary barriers It is clear that we all want to see the ideal of a man or woman.

But strictly speaking,"no older","no less","no more","no more","no more","no more than a kilogram"to look at"no less than a thousand"is too childish. Some do not need brunettes, others do not want to deal with"bald and". But luck is not available bones on the stomach and certainly not the color of the hair. If you want to top up your ideal to make it softer. Write down the qualities that you value (a passion for reading, music, movies, skiing, etc.). it is impossible to Accept ticks (for example, an aversion to animals or a fanatical passion for computer games). None of us is perfect. Love, Bulgakov wrote, can"arise"like a killer sprouting from the ground in an alley"suddenly, suddenly, suddenly."Love is possible and naked, and in General is far from the model of male parameters. Don't despair If time passes and you still haven't found"your"husband, don't check yourself. This can lead to depression. Spend your life constantly searching for Dating sites, and the experience associated with unsuccessful searches is certainly not worth it. This does not mean that it is something worse than others. The best way to develop yourself. A passionate, slightly high-strung person, twice as interesting and capable of conquering people. This is always worth remembering.

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