Online communication via the Internet

And get advice from a psychologist or astrologer

Now there are no more people who do not know what the Internet is

Almost everyone in our country has connected to the social network, many even more than once. Students almost never go to a bookstore, easily replacing search engines where you can find the answer to every question.

Many people have stopped meeting on the street completely, because it is much easier to use the world wide web on a Dating site. Since it first appeared on the Internet, people have spent hours disappearing into it - playing on the Internet, getting to know each other, and even getting treated instead of visiting doctors. But I would like to raise this question, terribly many: Introducing online is a good thing or a bad thing. The problem arose after consultations that I understood: Today, many women work from morning to night. The question is obvious: where should a woman look for her soul mate? In the metro, at a tram stop, or in a dark alley in the courtyard. For such cases, there is an online Dating service. By the way, finding a life partner is not a mandatory requirement.

Married women can get only a lot of compliments to your address, which significantly increases their self-esteem.

What's the point? First of all, from the point of view of relationship psychology, you will feel more confident if you post your best photos and can find a partner who will suit you according to certain criteria - height, weight, age.

In communication, you can give the interviewer not one, but a thoughtful answer, you can joke and understand that this is a happy joke. You can hide your bad mood. No one sees or hears you. And very convenient. Secondly, we communicate with interesting people who we would never have met in the turmoil of time. The Internet gives us protection from feelings of loneliness, from our internal fears that are present, for example, in everyday life, from disliking another person or from the fact that he is wrong about it. The Internet certainly has its advantages You can tell that it wouldn't say during a live conversation.

The third benefit factor: it can always, at any time, stop communication, and there is no need to explain why.

It's just done, and you don't have to come up with hundreds of different reasons just don't want to and that's it until then. Profile deletes the traces of it everywhere.

In today's hectic life, it is very easy to be alone

You want to chat, create a new profile, a new image, and get back into the fight. What's wrong with that? When we communicate online, we live in illusions. Basically, we communicate with the computer or, if you want, with ourselves. Internet communication is a projection, because in the course of a conversation we unconsciously present ourselves as the interlocutor and find the features of a person who has not seen and do not know who he really is. Almost always, the imagination draws on the qualities that we have in ourselves. When you meet someone in person, hear the person's voice, perceive how they speak, and can bend the first impression of them. Sometimes this is deceptive, but not as radical as if you knew yourself on the Internet. The image of a person should reflect itself, because when we communicate on the network, we do not hear a voice, we do not see a face, we do not hear a person's answer to all the words we write. Here we present your imagination to take the situation into your own hands.

Even if you are satisfied, you have found a decent person online from another city or even from another country, and you have started a virtual romance that is to a certain extent also a computer romance, even if you know how to attract love live.the longer you communicate with a person online, the more you invent about them: what they are, how they behave, how they look, how they move, how they talk.

But it's all your imagination, it's not true. Once you meet him, you see a completely different picture, often the opposite of what you imagine. Therefore, it is best to meet in real life immediately after Dating online. As a result, there is no substitute for real life.

But if you look at it from a different angle, it is possible that you will meet a person on the network with whom you have a common life.

There are many couples that you know from social media and Dating sites and now they are happy with each other, but for this to happen, they must meet and fall in love. So it doesn't matter where you met on the Internet or at a bus stop. If you are happy, continue to do what you like, because this is the way to a happy fate, as many parapsychologists and esotericists believe. Do not think about how to find love, but desire it with all your heart.

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