Online communication with girls

From her feminine point of view, I'm willing to accept it

The Internet has already firmly entered our lives, so that communication between people in social networks, chats, forums, diaries quickly changed hands

Of course, in this case, the most interesting thing in network communication shows the most active part of the population-boys and girls.

And just as it has always been in life, the question of choosing the right tactics in a community with girls is extremely important for young people who want to Excel in knowledge.our site Mystery Women Chat is a place where online communication with girls, available to every young man, for hours a day, because it is a women's Dating chat. Therefore, it is very important to give some advice to those who want to communicate and get to know each other, spend time here or even meet a girl for a serious relationship. We asked some chat participants to talk about the approach that makes online communication attractive and, therefore, gives a person the best chance of meeting. Below are some of the opinions that we consider most important and interesting. SIX RECOMMENDATIONS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH GIRLS ONLINE Alternatively, if the first meeting in real life or the first online conversation will be simultaneous and the last, this happens very often.

The girls sigh with regret and say that everything depends on the boys.

Sometimes you really want to whisper in the ear of an attractive guy, like lead - and just like in the real world and virtual. The most common mistake during a meeting is to hurry up. Many boys believe that they have successfully learned pickup trucks and forget that not every girl has the feeling of"being on the move". Deliberately frivolous or nauseatingly so, a simple attempt to associate communication with a"strong position"leads to rejection. Boys, they consider themselves"pickup gurus", vainly thinking that the most important thing in the process of communication is to quickly snatch the expensive coordinates of the girl. Yes, for God's sake. After all, you haven't decided that this is the first one to type. Listen because you have all the trumps online: No one is stopping you from chatting with a girl, a girl willing to listen, you have a full chance to earn important points to create excitement in society, create interest, take part, leave the field for. This will be the"number"that you will be waiting for. Then it was important to ask for help from a girl, and here, on the Internet, to create a basis for effective communication in the future. Fair warning. On the net, many things begin with the feeling of touch. When a guy started chatting with a girl, but at some point she says that now she needs to leave the chat and go cook dinner, the reason is very simple - she will actually go cook dinner. The guy, not sad results, offended that the conversation was interrupted to a more interesting place, no doubt when she goes to the kitchen, boring pressure on the conscience, tend to love it for a long hour sad and lonely, better Bon appetite girls want and plan a new meeting online. He will be male and will not leave the girl without unpleasant feelings, will be grateful that you misunderstood. The ability to surprise. Even a normal Internet greeting can be a bit of fun with just a few characters:"I'm sorry that I can't give you flowers right now, but here is a small virtual part of your future garden."Animated and normal features will not create a special girly impression of life on the web, and this may make You smile. The possibilities of the Internet are limitless, except for the search for original surprises for girls. There are a lot of funny, romantic, cute, simple, curious places, pictures, jokes on the web. If you are chatting online with a girl, don't forget to"suggest"something from time to time, because we girls like to have fun. Ability to listen.

Many of us wouldn't mind Dating

When a girl is alone, she often wants to talk, maybe even partially open her soul.

This is one of the online features: Communication on the network is becoming more open because the person it is talking to is hidden behind a screen.

And a great opportunity to strengthen the position of the girl. Try not to rush and spoil everything, interrupting banal messages like:"I had a friend's car repaired yesterday, you don't have a simple idea, an unrealistic car, etc."an interesting girl.

A disappointed girl, and she decides to keep quiet.

A thin thread of lost understanding.

But it was enough just to listen to it, without changing the conversation of the loved one about himself. Common interest. Even among strangers, a boy and a girl are always a point of contact, we just don't know it yet. And the task of talking is to find and define your time. Try talking about each other. Abstract themes, such as music, movies, and literature, are also available. Finding places to talk to a girl online is especially easy, because chat rooms, social networks, forums, and Dating sites have profiles and questionnaires where people usually indicate their priorities, so it's easier to find your way. Often this is quite enough, and the previous paragraph - the ability to listen, and after listening-to understand. This is especially true for those men who are looking for a girl for a serious relationship. In fact, we often complain about the lack of understanding of men who unconsciously wait for someone to break this stereotype, and we are very grateful for this. Men, be men. I admit to us girls, honestly, and not a perfect creation. In online communication, we are often the first to"wind up"men in order to to let go of the young stallions in their direction. Because we do it, no one says so. And I believe that these innocent provocations are subconscious studies of"more": smart, strong, all compassionate, forgiving of women's weaknesses. And what a disappointment in response to an innocent sense of wounded vanity, a purely feminine ability to inflate a story to nonsense, sometimes to quarrels and whims.I understand that online anonymity itself may have caused an extreme expression of feelings, a style of communication that boys certainly don't use very much when talking to a girl. They came here to meet. Imagine what an interesting girl meets an energetic asshole who bursts like a bubble swamp from the minimum number of pins and spreads around unpleasant splashes and smells. In General, the main meaning of the recommendations can probably be summarized as follows: Boys communicate with a girl online, so they want to win their position, just like in the real world. Avoid using many new, broader and more interesting features on the Internet more effectively, for your own benefit, to get in touch with the girl, not for narcissism or, of course, not useful for you the results of the expression.

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