Online communication with girls

Miles of feeds with messages that don't need each other

There are chances to get lost in the crowd, so register on several sites and perhaps"sharpen"your profile - this service is found on many Dating sitesFor a fee, of course, but you can really feel the difference. Many girls, when they see that you are such a beautiful and interesting guy, write in their profile. Remember the Golden rule - under no circumstances can you intensify your correspondence. Dating sites are not a place for constant communication, a type of social network or Facebook. This is the place where you will meet, get a phone number and go out on a date with a live girl. And if the girl does not want to give your number or does not want to delay it - it is better not to continue communicating with the girl online. It is better not to know who writes from her site. And it is normal to lie in the course of correspondence.

This is allowed, but within reasonable limits.

Do not compose the best of yourself in excess, then there is nothing to remember. And in General, you suddenly have something more than sex - your"safety net"will play against you. At the very least, to complain, and to complain more positively. I don't want to hear about your pain after you broke up with that last girl. Ingredients for a successful date: a Few compliments, a little humor, a number of common interests and your dish is ready, you can be invited on the first date. Caution is the secret of playing the game with everyone who writes to her, because it is difficult to convey emotions and show inner confidence on the Internet. And don't expect it to help you do that. Please be polite in your communication.

Talking about sex once is better than not talking about it, otherwise it will have negative consequences.

But conversations"on the side"are allowed - you can, for example, raise the topic of sexual intercourse without sex.

And maybe she's not who she says she is

You say everything that makes your pure opinion of the person and makes her stand up for her point of view. And since no adequate stranger will tell you on the forehead that he welcomes a sexless relationship (because and in the hope of still finding a husband) - this is a step towards starting a closer communication. Yes, and by the way - write correctly. Good girls don't like stupid boys. It is important to remember to visit the site every day to check the news and respond to it in time. Otherwise, the girl will merge you after two unread messages and switch to another candidate. On many Dating sites, you can see when a person was last online. If a girl has not been online for more than two weeks - it is not recommended to write She definitely does not appear on this site.

And you're just wasting your time. Therefore, if you follow these simple rules and tips, you are guaranteed to be familiar with the successful outcome of events.

Don't forget to act confidently and naturally.

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