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Because people sit on Dating sites

One is single and looking for friends, another is trying to finally find love, while others just want adventures and a short, relaxed relationship, if not, then choose a sponsorFor a modern person, the Internet is a huge part of time, full of Dating, meetings, discoveries and disappointments. It is very important that the world wide web has helped diversify real life, and not replace it with a virtual counterpart. In fact, it is not so important where you met your soul mate: in the subway, in a restaurant, in a bookstore, on the Internet, it is important that you still found among the seven billion people living on our planet. How can you help yourself in finding a man, what are the rules of online Dating? My friend Olga explained over a Cup of coffee her shortest date with a man. She believed, like many girls, in great and pure love, but you can find it on a Dating site, I wouldn't hope too much, and I decided to try it fulfill men's dreams out of curiosity. Here at work a free minute, and the girl without any problems signed up for a very popular Dating site.on the first day of correspondence, Olga made a meeting with one of the many candidates (as you know, in social networks, blogs, and even more in the case of resources for"building relationships", men and women behave where they are bolder and where they are bolder than in real life).

My friend and her new friend agreed to meet that night after work and meet in a cozy bar for a Cup of milk.

Unfortunately, all Olga's hopes were dashed on a beautiful, unfortunate evening when she saw him near the subway, so to speak,"in full growth Unfortunately,"my friend said,"the phone rang immediately after the greeting and exchange of pleasantries, and she was forced to attend to her own urgent business.

Study the application form and photos

And the point was that her knight was small, not five feet tall, and probably just a leap. We had a good laugh together, of course Oli's story and ingenuity, but the boy is still a little tired. During the shortest return home in my farewell life, my girlfriend deleted her profile from the site and no longer tries to find out anything online, unlike me. My first online Dating experience was quite successful, I lived with a nice person for two years, and even a little bit did not miss the wedding with him. In fact, there are many stories of happy couples who have found each other on the Internet, because there is nothing surprising - just think about how much time you spend on social networks and browsing the pages. There are a lot of good meetings, for and with a little female luck, just go online and arm yourself with useful information, for example, about five of the worst mistakes of online Dating. Rules of online Dating: the main"NOT". Not information about you, because if the meeting does not disappoint the person, but at the same time you yourself, when you see on the face of the supposedly mute knight, you ask"but where is this informal beauty, with which we wrote ourselves". Fill in the fields of the"about yourself"questionnaire honestly and in detail (within reasonable limits) and do not neglect the ideal height. Please provide your external data (at least in General terms), your interests and preferences. This will not only eliminate many problems, but also give you a common position, common topics, and Hobbies. It is not important to be closer to reality. The Internet allows you to be both beautiful and funny, and scientists: it is easy to find a good aphorism for the state in a social network or use it instead of a good joke, it is easy to publish an interesting message on a blog, the answer to any question will be a search engine.ed here is already a classic blonde skillfully simulates the knowledge of programming basics or says options for cooking meat, a list of the best movies is shared. Remember that if you log out of the network after Dating, your personal computer will not come to the rescue, and the game of beauty will already be difficult. The list of selected requirements is not long, especially for voices and a seriously sad tone. Remember that no one is perfect, and this will be understood. You will not fall in love in the presence of three higher education institutions, along with exhaustive sports and knowledge of four languages. It's pretty stupid to exclude men based on the color of their eyes and hair. Who knows what your future plans are? Don't be pragmatically boring or overly romantic, as a rule, state that you are attracted to the people you are looking for and for what purposes. Don't forget to include at least one or two photos in your application (for example, portrait photos and growth photos). Psychologically, it is pleasant to communicate with a person and know his face, especially when he is calm and loves him. Choose normal photos rather than the perfect Photoshop editor, presents a picture where you and you are not learning. One of the most important rules for successfully searching for partners on the Internet is to Be careful.

play detective games on your new friend's social network, carefully find your email address or icq number, use the name Instagram to transfer from search engines and see what traces you are young on the network (blogs, forum posts, etc.) So that you can understand in advance, for example: whether your new friend is married, if he has five children, and if he himself is on the Internet as a real ham Troll, or maybe his phone number in some black database."No, no, it's not paranoia, it's a cautious and natural female curiosity. Don't use message formulas.

Even a limited amount of your free time will not be an excuse to send the same welcome message to everyone. I hope it's not the Prince's potential, because that's how his girlfriend should be. Use an individual approach to show originality in the meeting, it is better to use fewer words, but let them be different. Opportunities to stay away from the crowd and interest will immediately increase. Don't be too pushy. Don't send new messages to a friend (that's the word for a ten - year-old), so soon you risk becoming a boring person or simply scaring them with pressure.

Do not delete permissions and send messages, so that the thought in more or just in your questions responds to you with such speed that the interlocutor will have absolutely no time to digest anything, but only to read. When online communication occurs without physical contact between people, men and women are more relaxed than in real life.

But remember some rules of decency.

This means not only controlling your vocabulary, but also the ruthless habit some girls have of hastily revealing too much personal information about you. Have you ever seen - if it's worth saying - when you last had sex and how much your partner has changed? With a decent login and recommendation, it is better to communicate, rather than negotiate correspondence with the other person. A long-awaited meeting in accordance with the rules of good online Dating Ideally, the initiative for the first meeting should come from the person, but this is completely unnecessary if you are able to offer the interlocutor a natural and restrained life. Choose a neutral territory - a bar, a Park on clear days in summer, where you can communicate freely. It doesn't hurt to be overly careful, as guests of excursions during the first (and second) meeting do not prefer crowded places during the day. It is not necessary to strengthen yourself, as well as very quickly, with the first meeting. In the first case, your interest in the opposite sex may begin to decrease, and you can only move imperceptibly from the category of"potential girlfriend"to the category of"pen PAL", even if it is very difficult, changing the now familiar form of communication. But in the second case, you run the risk of not studying enough, seeming interested in Dating yourself and only wasting your precious time.

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