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Based on my experiences in various single exchanges I have summarized for you the most important Online Dating tips (English) in this VideoMy Online Dating tips (in German) refer to my Online Dating guide and our Online courses. Online Dating tips: Optimize your profile with good pictures: a portrait photo, full body photo and a photo from your life.

Online Dating tips: does not Limit the search criteria, and decides on the basis of the photos what kind of woman do you want to cover letter.

Online Dating tips: Ignored in the single exchanges all of the functions such as Date-Roulette, Match games, comment on photos, send kisses or smiley faces.

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The only function you have to use your in the Dating sites, is to contact the women. Online Dating Tips: Keep the window of time for your answer as short as possible.

Online Dating tips: Do me a favor, and be in your first message better than 'Hi, how's',' nice profile', or' great smile''.

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