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A woman looks for (and finds) a subtext

Basic rules for Meeting with girls on the network How to distinguish the real Masha"from the wrinkles of superintendent Oleg"I Love beer"Ivanov, look familiar in social networks with charming girls. "I don't know.) General rule: emotional womenAnd writing is no exception: the girl uses more adjectives, adjectives, comparisons, images, and metaphors. In its text, punctuation is often expressed differently with an abundance of exclamation points and suspension points. But still reach out, reach out, understand. What do you mean? The woman pays attention to the details, the man should concentrate on the being and should not pay attention to any details. In other words, in fact, if the Respondent doesn't see all of your suggestions and messages between the lines, it could be a person. (And she didn't like you.) Non-human logic Emails from men in network meetings are usually better structured.

In q a, easy communication and logic, tone jumps, and topics are rare.

For a long time, I had to deal with an abstract, dry argument ("Yes, if Apple is not going to be a new workplace, then the future of the company will not be as rosy as its past").

A person perceives words as they are

Not only does the person notice fewer details during the conversation, but they also point out less specific details themselves. (But there is a chance that you have met a young woman with a logical man. Don't lose). Checking the floor There are topics that can be used as a litmus test. You are consciously conducting gender conversations about gender inequality. If the person you are talking to is reacting to perceived differences of opinion or condescending arrogance, it may be because of a girl.

Tell her that there is a point of view where a woman should always take care of herself, be well groomed and slim, while this is not so important for men.

In response, you will hear a lot of interesting things from the girls and quiet approval from the men. On the contrary, men have more emotional reactions than women to issues of gender equality.

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