Online video communication

The speed of communication within companies solves many problemsThere used to be a time when I could"move"from one Department to another within a week on paper. Because business communication also needs a modern and, above all, fast and secure method of exchanging information. The integrated company"Bitrix company Ambassador"will allow employees to immediately exchange information and quickly make decisions. You can exchange messages with any device - a PC, tablet PC, or smartphone. In the contact list already has all staff and departments, find a colleague easily by name, surname or email. With the integrated video communication system Messenger Bitriks, You no longer have to install expensive video conferencing equipment to communicate with colleagues in other offices. You can make them online, for free, and without restrictions on the number of places. The mobile app also allows you to make video calls - you can see and hear colleagues even when you are away from the office, on the road, or in a meeting. If for some reason you or your colleague are not ready to enjoy a video call, you can use a regular voice call. To share solutions to business problems, you can organize a collective chat or video call (for individuals) and invite colleagues to join it. You can attach a file to the message. You can share the screen during a video call. All the history of correspondence received in full and always available, news, you can search through search.

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