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If you do not want a long-distance relationship, or pure chat friendship, but the rules of hedgehog Meet face-to-prefer to-face, you can filter the profile list by the User, so that you are only suggested to Singles from your area. Not only the place of residence is a possible filter criterion, you can also, if you are looking for Single women or Single M only from your Region and at what age this should be. If it's important for you to find someone who is especially attractive, helps Video Dating Chat Feature you with the Votes.

On the basis of the votes of members votes of the users photos will receive a score between and.

It must not be equal to on the first attempt of the Prince charming or the dream girl, maybe an exciting flirtation developed easily, or is it the beginning of a deep friendship.

Remember: in your area there are enough Singles, and by the free Service of Video Dating Chat, you know the ones that fit you.

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