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Our chat without registrationWhat do you mean? This means that when you log in freely, you can decide immediately or after some time whether you want to communicate with the application or not. Yes, it's not real life, it's just a virtual place to meet and chat, but some users choose chat as an alternative to Dating sites, forums and structures, and even"real-time"meetings. They arise from the fact that the hypothesis that it is possible to know here too, for some time, it is possible to move from virtual communication to real communication. And the fact that you communicate for free without registration and without a password does not take away the value of such a user. To find out the user who was interested. As you can see, this is a conscious decision that deserves respect. Of course, nothing and no one will prevent you from getting the application form. (You can also collect several questionnaires.) If you fill in enough information about yourself, you will immediately feel that the attitude of users has changed for the better. This is an effect that is not possible if you have visited Dating sites: there is no registration requirement for communication, do not register there simply does not exist.

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