Someone with your answer - what is their name. (in Italian, the word in German)

instead of which I have we and you have yours

When you meet someone with a speech, you shout"you"to the audienceAnd when someone he speaks to you, you literally come to him.

But what do you call it in a man with his drive, as in the middle ages or in ordinary science fiction books? There is at least one word.

In the seventeenth century, you were in charge of princes and other high-ranking officials of lesser rank (Ihrzen). for high-ranking dignitaries and feudal lords, the pluralism of the Majestatis was presented throughout Europe. In the sense of the principle used instead of personal singular pronouns, i.e. Century was a title with It, minerals usually carried by the superiors and lords of the state:"Boy, ever dust in a pot. I understand from Him, Father,"while the noble sons addressed their parents. The minerals were neither in the German language nor in the center. Common people were on nominal terms with clergy and nobility, while this social H was drawn in the plural and possibly with other titles such as"mein Herr". In a normal rural population until the end of the middle ages, everyone in the genre was at first, which does not require any specific position that they held, including foreigners.

Until now, this is rare in the various rural German-speaking regions of the Saale, for example in the Bernese Oberland region or in some parts of Tyrol.

In the case of pesca, Epoca was appellative with it, ihrzen is usually also widely used in the bourgeoisie. Example:"Father, I wish that you and you would make Me a mission for my happiness.Irzen", which is still used here and there in southwestern Germany, especially in Baden, Swabia, Palatinate, Hesse and the Rhineland, as well as in some areas of Switzerland, especially in Bern-Germany and Alsace. It is also available on such language Islands as Volga-German and Kazakh-German. It is mostly used in a dialect or dialect related language and is usually heard as an intermediate stage between Tu and gleig, but can also be a single greeting (as in Bernese German or variants of German bass). In the end, all of them explained by the language-historical and cultural issues around Darcy, Minerals, Irsen and egleig, switch to a Distance for Me.

So today we are in Italy, when I reached the maximum distance."We"means"the same doctor as we are today."Hello, Martin.

What is your name, because when a person speaks with"you"or"they". If someone says"you"to someone, then it's"Yes", if you say"Yes", then gleig changes, but"you". There are times when people who want to be you. And some of them want to be on personal terms. Or rather, one of you, with you or with the speech. This is enough for me, no matter if someone gives me away publicly or formally from you, provided that the person is beautiful and with his eyes he can talk, I do not see any problems for a long time of cooperation. For me, you also have nothing to do with the respect that I should show you or tell me about it. Yes, for me it's more of a form of politeness towards people I don't know - I'm Dating for the first time. and you get used to it when you get more and more between them. Since it's in English, it's a lot easier than"Yous Yes"for them, just like it is for you. You can't get to know someone that easily.

There are people who usually react when you give yourself to the audience.

probably the old generation. A little too sensitive. if the children react, if they are in love. then Jason's behavior, first of all, and we do not want to admit it.

What's his name.

Among them there are family members in the plural

Bring the child. there is such a word, what I am looking for, for me in the language. but I don't understand: hi, how are you? Well, I, although most people used terms with names, but if I sometimes used terms with names, I know that usually not if my confrontation with you or gleig changes.

as long as you tell the public about your age.

and if you tell them. well, actually, I don't mind using term names, I just don't know how then I'll have my counter-reaction. how do you do it? there, you will be formally offended if you use terms with names with a young person who has returned from you. and, above all, how old are you? I'm looking for another word for work, such as if someone is helping out during a move, and the money they receive. There is also a more appropriate word, like auxiliary or side. At work, she talks to me about an old colleague, always with her own name, but at the same time formally. I find this rather strange, because I know the difference. I would like to know how the Princess (i.e.

the king's daughter) responds in the middle ages (Italy).

This is said only because there are, for example,"Good evening, Your Highness"or other prints. My good diabetic friend, yesterday at my horse riding tournament he suddenly fell, causing him to have hypoglycemia. When the ambulance arrived and the doctor took good care of him and wanted him to go to the hospital, I went in the ambulance. The team was very nice, and I realized that my friend was always on the same terms, despite the fact that he is already of age (it is still early). In the hospital, however, it was the other way around, where doctors and medical staff just sit. When my friend replied to me, he said that it often happens to him (he has already come to the hospital through RTW in the year of volt hypoglycemia), that the RTW crew handed it over to you, and the hospital staff received it solemnly. How is this, or is it so common that the rescue service provides training to the public and the hospital for young patients, all without exception formally. If someone answers and is on a first-name basis, the person will continue to answer, or it will be impolite if they then pass the training on to the public. I think that if someone is already polite in their response, then they should show the right side of the question. If you fall down at the end, it would be nice if you found a person who gives you in the course of a conversation. Although it is obvious that the stranger does not call the audience"you", you are really right. After all, it's not an offensive word if you meet someone labeled"YOU."you can actually use legal remedies if someone is called"you"when you don't want to. If you meet someone with the Lord's wife, he answers and says:"I am the Way"and calls his name, he calls the public"do"this person. I am currently taking an Italian language course at VHS in Berlin, and our teacher (Italy, and he is still very young)with a style name. And now my question to all Italians: Formally in Italy, a person is addressed by his first name. Or I can do it now without worrying (in Italian and German). Dama, I have been writing to you, but only sir Frau writes. And not with the signature"Sincerely yours", it's an insult. I've heard it's supposed to be. If I were a teacher, I would say that you would be able to help me. But if you are now more than a teacher, as they used to say.

Besides, you can help me.

Or you can help me. Because the second one seems like the first thing I want to do with you. My second problem: if I have more than one teacher in front of me, for example, students and teachers, then you remain in the greeting formula or not. So if there are a few people who call the public"you"and a few formal ones and address everyone, I will be happy. If another person has another person, then don't address them, but go in. For example, the person and subjunctive are used: What do you call a person who is always dissatisfied with what they have? There is definitely a word for this in German. What do you call someone who lies. So someone who can think clearly is not worried. I need an adjective. Please write me all the words you know. I always see different versions on thanksgiving day. The spelling is small, the other is big, and I would like to know what is correct if you answer me directly and tell the"you"audience in this message.

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