Sprinkles Screw - Julia Franck - Summary

The narrated time covers three years in the recent past

The short story "StreuselschneckeB" by Julia Franck was released in the year in the anthology "BauchlandungB"It is about the love of the Narrator to her father, she meets with four of the ten for the first Time. Place of the action is Berlin. The I-Narrator is extracted with three ten with her mother and has lived since then with friends in Berlin. She is fourteen, as a foreign man answers the phone with her. The two agree to meet.

From the initial discomfort of the girl sympathy and understanding for the man.

He introduces the girl to his friends, and you may visit him at his work in the Film. On occasional Meetings, she said to may, however, nothing of him expect. In the hospital he asks the girl a lethal dose of morphine.

Two years later, the man gets an incurable disease

You can, and don't want to get him the drugs.

Instead, she offers to bring him a cake, because she knows his penchant for pies. He wishes for a simple streusel snails. The girl bakes two sheets of it for him. The man admits that he would have liked to have lived with her.

Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, he dies.

At his funeral, the little sister of the Narrator takes no part, but the mother.

Now, it is clear that it is in the beginning strange man to be the father of the Narrator.

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