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Remember that the balance of men, rarely favorites

The Libra man loves love, but you can scare him when you're sentimentalIf you have his attention and love for winning, turn to his sense of balance and beauty. I go to it with confidence, but give them time, in its rhythm you regularly. Libra man loves love, but you can scare him if you are too sentimental, you will. If you have his attention and love for winning, turn to his sense of balance and beauty. I go to it with confidence, but give them time, in its rhythm you regularly. Libra man is an extrovert and likes to meet people and entertain them. It is often found in groups from which the center of the party stands out. If you have his attention that you want, you have to cross over streets as often as possible in its natural habitat: in a crowd. Since most Libra men tend to be friends with many people, you need to do more in a group. Instead, you should be the center of attention somewhere around the room, where no one can see you, even if only for a few minutes. friendly Your male Libra probably flirts with a lot of women, not necessarily something serious for me. Some women, it can be scary, but other fairs are not very important. If you get Hope, The Affect of a Male Libra catch, then you must belong to this latter group. Hold on until the rest of your fans lose patience with your flirting. Even if you dress fast, but also for various other women from your attractive social environment. If you want to win this competition with other women, you must have resistance. A visual thing, even for women with with a feminine appearance, those who have the most balance are a man who has a purely physical form that is attractive. Avoid the fashion of this unusual decade of over-bravery or the clothing trade for children. Avoid annoying colors, amazing time patterns, or fashion trends that are now and tomorrow a thing of the past. Excess"Girls' fashion, like lace and sanding, is also non-cutting. A classic, clear cross-section of styles and traditional colors.

The theme of sophistication should also extend your makeup and accessories.

Use makeup to highlight your natural beauty and avoid too much makeup or dramatic styles.

Jewelry should be your appearance, emphasize it and not scream for attention.

Inside the zodiac, Libra has its own image for a reason. Libra man feels balanced and attracts people. When you meet him for the first time, say: be friendly, pleasant and give him a gift a balanced aura.

The same applies to those who have a Librarian in the rooms you invite - in the office, in the car, or at home - as an eighth with an elegant, balanced style of excellence.

Libra men are not narcissistic, but as people with an extroverted personality, they tend to talk about themselves and things that interest you.

If you want to impress him, talk about him and for him, lighten his heart and therefore do the conversation with attention.

Most Libra men are afraid of conflict and race, but at the same time they appreciate looking at things from different angles. Choose a topic for the debate and discuss both sides with him. But keep in mind that intellectual conversation is more emotional. Men, as a rule, are quite confident in themselves and have a positive opinion of themselves. A serious compliment or praiseworthy intention at the right moment can take you far away, if you have the will to pay attention. For a compliment, you need to choose a topic that men like in General, taste, style, or fairness.

No one trusts the hugging Manifesto, not even the men's Libras.

It may be a clumsy attempt to upset your vanity, rather than another star sign, but the compliment is obviously not true or forced in tone, does not correspond to the idea of harmony or justice, the Scales of an enthusiastic person. Every compliment should be so important and true. Impress yourself with your masculine Libras by clicking on the various topics you are talking about. Libra likes to have fun and act based on ideas and points of view on many topics. If you stimulate him intellectually, you can keep him, then your personality will feel attractive and pleasant in his neighborhood. Libra is somewhat airy in nature, so it feels more inspired when it can move from one topic to another. It looks at the subject, the human scale quickly becomes boring.

The scales are tending to balance, and this balance is bounced back in the future.

your Librarian's personal life. As a rule, Libra has a great sense of fairness and equality. If you have an attractive scale effect of the person you want, you should make him or her perceive you as someone with an equally strong sense of fairness. Although Scale likes to be with people who are most likely to be Scales, they tend to distance themselves emotionally. When they meet you for the first time and get to know you, avoid too many emotions, both positive and negative. I'm trying to understand why emotions confuse you. Emotions are chaotic, especially when feelings are deep and complex. Libra avoids emotions, for the harmony and balance that you love. If you want to be with your Libra man in the long run the way you want to be, then sooner or later you will both have to compare your emotions. When that time comes, I will do it as calmly and rationally as nature will allow.

Rely on elegance, not on fashion trends

At the beginning of a relationship, it is best to avoid deep emotions.

Associated with adversity dandruff men and emotions that hate conflict. Despite the fact that he likes intellectual debates, they are emotionally charged, he avoids something. So keep a calm, friendly attitude when discussing with your Libra man, otherwise he will run to it. You should be open and talkative, but carefully thought out little secrets that can arouse his curiosity and make him want to know more. If you have this sense of curiosity, you can stimulate it, then you can get its attention more easily. The first impression that it makes on you should be"mysterious beauty". Of course, the mysterious ones disappear the more you are with the Scales. For a good start, attempts at the beginning are unattainable and almost impossible to achieve the goal. Most scales have an altruistic Mind and are often dedicated volunteers. Despite the fact that your husband is not a special charity organization or that, what supports someone in their time is sacrificing particularly attractive victims. If you are working as a volunteer somewhere, consider inviting your weighmaster to help you, especially if you are interested in Doing so. If you do this, go to someone who will help him, only with the desire to do something good to achieve something. Libra is hard to find the only thing to focus on, and your Libra man makes you less attractive if he thinks you are only one aspect of life to focus on. If you want to present yourself as balanced, complex, then you must have several different Hobbies, you can not talk to them. Most Libra men appreciate beauty and culture, so, this is his heart, for you, beat it when you do it in the Museum invited him or books with photos of beautiful landscapes gifts. Show him that you understand what he likes, this can be a big advantage for you. If you have invited him, then choose a place, which your scale person can enjoy, such as an art gallery or craft market or Museum. You can make it look even more pleasant if an active event has invited it. For example, I invite him to an exhibition that lasts only one day, because instead of a quiet visit to the Museum Along with the art and culture of Libra, men usually appreciate the best in life. When you invite him to spend time with you, you choose the most atmospheric places, such as elegant cafes or star restaurants. If you want to give something, choose something refined, something designer. If you don't have money for luxury items for your male freedoms, don't be afraid. These men love beauty, but it doesn't have to be expensive. I invite him for dessert in an elegant restaurant just for money, for seconds to save or to go somewhere where there is an elegant setting, but where it is not expensive.

As dear social beings, people of freedom balance each other and should not feel, and should be happy.

You can swarm around him as much as you want when you're together, but avoid being narrow, otherwise he'll leave you with a part of his life that he didn't invite you to. Remember that a person evaluates an active person, so if they liked you, you think they noticed you. The work, in the days of Brotherhood, he continues, but I hope he doesn't get your feelings before he's ready. Libra loves to love and likes to be loved. A small sign of acknowledging your feelings for his support and making you more attractive in his eyes. Try a little present from him, like this. Or offer him a massage after a long working day. You don't like having enough money for designer gems, but you can give him chocolate designer gifts or buy a nice item to choose from, even if it's not from the designer. If you have a free alternative that you want, I'll write a nice note about it. Also here are the deep ones emotions, this is not correct for a Libra person, but a letter with a few beautiful verses is very impressive, while poems focus on the beauty of things rather than the intensity of feelings. As mentioned, it can be an emotionally detached Libra person if you do this at the first meeting.

So avoid women who manipulate or dramatize.

When you take the first step, avoid it seriously and quickly.

Let everything be easy and profitable with traditional romantic gestures: candlelit dinners, moonlight walks, and so on.

When you begin to return your love and attention, it will show you what he liked to do in his love life.

Libra is a natural charm, so if you conquer the charm, then there are a number of romantic strategies to achieve this. Make sure and use similar romantic gestures and tactics.

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