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Many people in our life find it difficult to find the right person for their nationality in their environmentCommunication is increasingly penetrating the virtual space, and more and more people are finding their own person in this space. The projectis aimed at uniting two people who share the worldview, opinions, interests and traditions of their people. With our service, Tatars find a mate: they get to know each other, communicate, meet and start a family. Thus, it happens that families in which the spouses belong to different nationalities and religions, in search of compromise or for other reasons, cease to respect national traditions, as a result of which both spouses gradually forget about the cultural rituals and customs of their peoples. In many cases, there are religious differences that affect a variety of issues, from talking to relatives to choosing a name for an unborn child. The main goal of the project is to unite Tatars in all corners of the country, create a family of the European Union, while respecting traditions. We want to ensure that the cultural values, customs and heritage of the Tatar people, as well as other peoples, are not lost or forgotten and passed on from generation to generation. Everything is in our hands.

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Private chat is one of the main features of"Yes, I chat"

Yes, I have a chat this is a cool place to meet random, anonymous and unsigned people, guest chat with one clickYes, there are several chats in Ho-Ho chat where you can meet nice new people from all over the world. And this online chat is free.

There is no charge for chatting

Chat with strangers, chat in private, and send videos and photos for free. Contact people from all over the world and all these services are free. Don't know how to start? Take a look at the help page for basic chat knowledge. Chat moderators help participants to use the access. If you have an account, enter your registration information and click the login button.

"The Elective Affinities" - People Constellation

Is told this story by an omniscient authorial narrator

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel "The choice of a relative," focuses on the Essential four peopleThe focus is on the changing relationship mesh of all parties Involved. This narrative allows it to see into the minds of the Participants and their motivations for actions and thoughts to understand. How to think and act the main characters? At the beginning of the relationship between the Baron Eduard and his wife described to Charlotte. From social constraints out first, someone marry both of them, however. Now, since both spouses are deceased, you could estate to marry and life to Edward. The love between the two is Mainly characterized by an intimate familiarity. It is stormy or full of passion. This basic constellation, we learn very early to know and it is a fixed gang, the social norms accordingly. Now, however, that Eduard and Charlotte, two other people on the estate. For one, this is Otto, a friend of Edward.

He is a captain, and through no fault in trouble.

Eduard wants to help him and let him live in his house. The other is the penniless niece of Charlotte's, Ottilie. Very soon, Eduard and Charlotte, a great attraction to the guests of the each other feel. Eduard and Ottilie react passionately to this appeal. It comes to Kiss and Edward can't hide his love in front of the other. While Charlotte and the captain declare their love, but Charlotte demanded due to their Ehegelöbnisses the waiver.

Here is the first step to disaster.

You would have been familiar to their feelings, the nature obeys, so it would not come later, to disaster.

After the birth of Charlotte's son, the relationships look a bit different.

We know that you are in love of youth to each other

Ottilie has taken on the boys and takes care of him.

Eduard sees in him a hurdle for the relationship to Ottilie, because he father has now as a family even stronger duties to Charlotte.

However, the high devotion of Edward dispatches of the love to Ottilie in the death of the child.

His rash Act, he told Ottilie of the divorce, convincing them to rise hastily and nervously into the boat, and let the child fall into the water.

So here is the second part that leads to disaster.

This Time, triggered by Eduard.

At the end of Ottilie of the world, and particularly of Eduard isolated. Eduard's sake, loses his life and dies also. Only Charlotte and the captain remain. Whether this can be at the end of happy together and get married, not revealed in the novel. The marriage of the captain is neither accepted nor rejected. How to think, and the main characters act out of Gothes Werk 'elective affinities'? In this Video you will find all the answers. The changing Relationship constellations between Charlotte, Edward, Otto, and Ottilie are presented in this Video and on the Background of the plot explained. An exciting history. A lot of fun to watch.


The conversation history is not saved

Chat (web chat) is a real-time network text messaging serviceThis software allows an unlimited number of users to communicate with each other simultaneously. The chat lives only"here and now"and is a window in which messages flow from all participants of the chat.

Usually, each participant can choose their own message color to make the message flow more legible.

To chat, you need to choose a name for yourself, under which the participant will appear on the forum, and send a message in the chat, which will immediately appear in the total number of messages, in chronological order. The difference between a chat and a forum is that you can't leave a message"for the future". Chat exists if you have met at least two people at some point in time. There are several options for chat software: Web chat (a normal web page where you can read the last dozen sentences written in the chat. This page is updated regularly automatically). Built-in chat client functions,"fat client". special chat transcript. Chat program for communicating in local networks, which often have the ability to transfer files, audio and video. Specialized voice and other chat programs. For chat, the app is divided into: A communication group (for example, a chat); personal communication (for example, Icq, Skype.

Messenger) personal communication; Customer service on the company's website (for example,"Viva Internet").

So people here are A Few useful tips to replace a graphics card - download

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To download the presentation, recommend them to your friends on any social networkThank you in advance. You click with the left mouse button through the exercise program.

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Area calculations, An exercise program for the IGS Hamm, victory IGS Hamm Sieg Dietmar. Commercial disciplines Lingen Department of building technology Hermann Gruber construction: A strong Department pavilion for the Darme.

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Furthermore, the user name must be at least

If the Login fails, try it should be easy to try with a different user name, because the chosen user name may already be assignedTo connect with other people in contact, you don't have to sign up. Think of a user name, here you are then on the road. Now it's happening. We welcome you in advance with our rules and heed. We also hope that people who ask to have our System will find your answers on our sub-pages.

Users don't read rules Often from the beginning to the end.

We will give you this is the reason that on the following way: to respect each other and keep in mind how you would like to be treated. Our free Chat without registration, remain in vain, we will collect at no time cost. Although we provide the service free of charge, we want to at this point for the insertion of advertising apologize, without which we do not recoup the cost of the project. We are intent on unnecessary advertising to avoid the ads. If you like the site, by and Large, and you want to Express this, for example, the Button will be available. The Share via Button and or Leave a Review on Web Wiki are just as good opportunities, which we welcome.

Unlike other systems, no registration is required.

Here you can chat, flirt and fun you can have

This it allows the users to personal data. Thus, you will feel with us, more anonymous than on many other platforms. For the purposes of law enforcement, the user data is to be stored (e.g. IP address) of course. If you have any questions, let our created sub-pages do not answer, you can contact us via E-Mail leave. We are trying the user-friendliness further. The goal is that every user is able to operate the entire System in the simplest way. If you are not confident in dealing with the functions, take a look in our 'start help'.

The main functions are summarized, as well as with a short and terse statement.

In addition, you read the best FAQ (frequently asked questions). If your questions remain unanswered, use the contact by E-Mail. We give you soon the possibility of the Admins directly contact to get immediate assistance if any problems occur. Each user should our rules. People, the the age of. Year of life have not yet reached, please in addition, with the underside on the topic of 'protection of minors' trusts. Our meeting point is in principle available to everyone. The language in the public sphere is limited to German and English.

To use other languages here is not allowed.

To want last but not least, we you all a lot of fun with us in the Chat.

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