Not ready for a serious relationship to have dill

I want this article to be about men

We usually do movies, soap operas, or novels to read that there is a person who is not yet ready for itWe have a reverse discussion situation where a woman and someone who is not ready for the first signal, if you forget to answer text messages and missed calls, or you are late for appointments all the time. This means that you are not in love and therefore not ready, you have so many excuses not to meet your family after a year of relationships. Look, maybe he's scared, even when they're out in public. Have you ever noticed This means that you are not ready for someone who has an annual business plan for your project, but you are not responsible when you are on vacation. I'm sorry, but I'm not your main concern.

He also refuses to meet with his friends or their messages

You refuse to talk about the future. You give up a number of things that you can talk about, such as"How bad today is". This is very easy to see and understand when you are still connected to your past. You always talk about your ex-boyfriend and funny stories that are related to their past. Compare your relationship with the past. It is called by their name from time to time. In this case, there is no place where you have something against other men to meet. You're Dating someone else, and it's good for you if they're a friend"with advantages". Almost never every weekend do I enjoy disco cocktails and dancing all night long instead of having a romantic dinner with them and watching a true love movie. She doesn't want them to join her and her belongings. Or worse, she didn't want to spend the whole night with them he asks me to go to the pleasant part, under the pretext that there will be a business meeting in the morning. Maybe he just needs sex, doesn't want to, doesn't travel together, and has to explore a new land.

You prefer a vacation with your friends, but promise them a magnet for shopping.

You have trust issues. Who knows, maybe it's because his past failed relationships are connected. You say that men don't know and they can't look at her. They want to be independent and somehow accept their help. They rely only on themselves.

Online communication via the Internet

We need to understand or know some information

The Internet, which appeared not so long ago, has now become simply irreplaceable in all spheres of life (at least not a hundred years ago, there was no Internet, Yes, and three out of ten years ago, the computer was unprecedented, a trick, not to mention the Internet)The easiest way to access the Internet. You must buy something. You need to look for a job. The Internet will help you in this matter.

The Internet will also be very useful here

On the Internet, you can get almost any information and services, browse websites on the web, and organize meetings. In fact, most social networks were aimed at Dating and socialization for this very reason.

But there are also special Dating sites where you can try to find your partner, candidate, or for the role of husband or wife. In fact, prior to identification, the couple was entrusted to a marriage mediator who would collect and possibly represent the perfect couple.

But now the NEA Institute has significantly surpassed its position, because this role, as something invisible, has taken over the entire Internet as such. Because people, including young people, are looking for a couple on the Internet.

You can see some reasons for this. First of all, this is the lack of live communication.

By the way, for the first people, the circle of knowledge, which was quite limited, it was quite difficult to find a couple. Now the difficulties are increasing, because the density of life, as they say, increases with every day and every hour. Housework, housework for this circle moves most of our contemporaries, but outside of this circle almost nothing succeeds. And when at work, especially representatives of their own sex. Well, not on the street themselves know. Moreover, modern people always walk and run on the street without realizing it, not like people, but often and at what time of the year. As soon as they finally arrive on the Christmas sofa, even young people often don't want to go anywhere and cling to a computer mouse to immerse themselves in the virtual world in their familiar environment. Unfortunately, many young people cannot communicate (let alone get to know each other) because they are neither online nor in real life. Even for many teenagers, it is easier (and infinitely easier) to meet and communicate with someone on a social network, in the Christmas yard. Whether we like it or not, the reality is that direct communication between many teenagers and young people is simply incomprehensible and unusual.

And outside of a fairly close circle of communication in school life, there is often a virtual world where it is infinitely easier to meet and communicate (at least for many young people).

And especially the Internet has become a place of research for many people, not only for work or the right product, but also for finding friends or even a life partner.

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