Women in surgery level

Although the number of female study outweighs the beginner in medicine, only a few women in the field of surgeryWith just under twenty per cent, their share in operating theatres, not just lush. An extremely high workload, a large degree of responsibility, physical effort, and, not least, a harsh tone and by men embossed hierarchies scare off many women. Nevertheless, more and more women are entering the once male domain. SPIEGEL TV KNOWLEDGE accompanied Surgeon in your everyday life at the clinic. Between the surgery room, patient room and emergency room, they tell of their enthusiasm for the profession and the adversity on the way to the top.

A Film by Steffi Assel.

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Online Gas Hydrate:San Diego Meet Men and Women.

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There is a zoo, a Park where You can deepen your understanding of lifestyle, And there are days that are great.

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Life changes, and so does Dating.

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Dating with German men

The Germans refer to life with incredible seriousness

Germany is one of the most popular countries in which to seek out married our countrywomenBeing in the heart of Europe, Germany has incorporated the beautiful architecture of ancient cities, a great number of historical and cultural monuments, and magnificent nature. The most famous sights of Germany are concentrated in one of the most beautiful German cities of Munich, which was founded. Its main street Maximilian-road adorns a splendid residence of the Bavarian Dukes of ancient lineage, which is considered one of the best European samples of Renaissance architecture. The German economy is famous for its highly developed automobile industry. Is not the first decade German men to meet German women for marriage and create a serious relationship. Dating with German men is able to find a reliable life partner. They are very disapproving attitude to any manifestations of frivolity, all kinds of accidents and surprises. German men have such qualities as accuracy, practicality, honesty, prudence, punctuality, restraint, poise, confidence. Despite the restraint, the German men are very romantic. The nature of the German men are very comfortable for a family.

It is because they perceive life all seriousness

They are caring and concerned about the welfare of the family. Despite the restraint, the Germans are very cheerful and sociable people. The majority of Germans lead a very active lifestyle, they love to travel and even more love to talk about what they saw. German husband is the pattern of care and responsibility. It costs nothing to clean the house, wash clothes, cook dinner, go to the store. He would be very willing to help solve any problems.

German man need to be taken for what it is and not try to change it.

A man in Germany respects the right of women in his life.

Your job, your career, your budget and your search.

And usually it's mutual. Women who do not demonstrate the desire to develop, often remain misunderstood by society. Then men also take parental leave so that women can return to work as soon as possible. Both partners in Germany, equivalent work, and this is considered for the happiness at that time as 'sitting at home' for a thankless task. German men trying to live right and healthy lives. Running, fitness, nutrition, Smoking cessation, environmental products. They take care of their appearance. Use cosmetics for care of face and body, watching the haircut, the condition and ironed clothes. The average German man is hardly a fashionista, but he knows how to present themselves. In German men present as something that they can hate, and what they can be madly in love. This is individual and depends on your requests and ideas. If You come to ecstasy from daily schedules, clear distribution of responsibilities at home, Cycling on Saturday and shopping on Thursdays, if You want to meet up with friends on Wednesdays, and with his mom on Sundays, if You are the epitome of punctuality, if German men do you like, and you want to live in Germany, that a German man is exactly what You need. To marry a German is easy. Harder to keep the feeling of love for life.

On our website Dating for marriage more single men-foreigners, among them many German men in search of their destiny.

Acquaintance with the Germans will help you find the man who will become your support, the man with whom you can truly be happy.

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