In love with a married woman: What can I do

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Please use a newer version of Internet Explorer or an alternative browser, such as Firefox or ChromeThank you very much. Richard has a Neck in A woman in love, but she's married. And even though they meet often, she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Or leave her husband. How to get out of this situation? Mrs. Pierino, I've been married for about a year, and a married woman (Olivia) is in love. When I saw him, I immediately suspected that I might be dangerous. This is exactly the kind of woman I'm looking for: extremely attractive, smart, witty, and in a good mood. in a very erotic, natural way. I am a dentist, was my patient, and we came after a treatment that we both knowingly and intentionally, length moves, and then quickly, to talk in private. Obviously, we can talk very well and intensely with each other. I have always been looking for a woman, but I can't imagine that there is someone who is exactly the same and has all the positive qualities that I am looking for.

I work as a behavioral therapist and love coach at free training sessions in Hamburg-Blankenese.

In my doctoral dissertation, I explored the relationship between relationship personality and happiness in love and wrote two books about written love.

I mean, it sounds so stupid. But she turned my head right around. But she suffered from our conversations, clearly saying that she was married, happily married, and strangely doubtful. And the separation from her husband.

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So far, nothing has happened in the administration, although now we often go there for coffee or a walk alone.

If if I were to say that there are problems, it would be completely underestimated.

We are both in love, and she has confessed to me, as I sometimes do, the feelings she asked for. But the fact remains that you don't want your husband to cheat on you. You are coming with me, we have already danced, we are the ones who write very and always very openly and intensely. But there is no chance that your husband will leave or get stuck with me on an adventure. However, I can't imagine an adventure or relationship with her, but I want to be with her. I usually get along pretty well with the situation. My work distracts me. I have a girlfriend with whom I have a lot of company (I wish I'd never been as in love as I am now with Olivia). But sometimes, out of desperation, I feel like I'm the woman I found, but I'm not with her. That would be very nice, and I feel like I'm in second place, because I know that this story can't end so easily. I would very much like to suffer.

I'm talking to my friends, not my feelings, because that I'm waiting for you to tell me what you want from me.

You're torturing yourself. Honestly, if I had friends who received equal pay, that would be the only sensible way, and I see myself as a rational person. But I'm not far from Olivia, and I don't want to be there. I have intense fantasies and dreams with her, I wait for your messages, I look forward to standing in front of our meetings and reviewing every detail after the meeting, a thousand times. I can't give up. You have an idea of how I can best handle this situation. Dear Richard H, I give you your esteemed friends. It would just make sense to draw a line.

Since then, I became Olivia, I was not the partner of my dreams.

Many of the aspirations and desires were rejected. Maybe your relationship is gone: No kissing, no sex. On weekends, rather than in everyday life, they are unusual, and they do not share solutions to the big and small issues in life. I said it was wise to give up everything. It would have been a little crying, and then maybe even more than peace and quiet.

But what happens if you stop contacting Olivia? It wouldn't be an important part of your life if your love for her was almost deliberately stifled.

Maybe you should do this with the idea of friendship, whose big emotions always have a price. This is when you live something special. It seems that for the first time in her life, a woman feels like this. How would it feel if I were to consciously say that being in touch with Olivia is damn difficult - it's not just a way with a lot of UPS and downs, loneliness, frustration, sleepless nights, and more to overcome this problem. But on the other hand, the feelings that Olivia experiences inside them are destroyed before they become viable. Otherwise, they may be objective about many of the pragmatic compromises in their lives. Olivia, having woken up, accompanied by inside, brings out the romantic side of the game. Andrea has a famous one Giannis workshop. It flashed between them. conversations and subsequent nights, but at the same time Yannis is clearly distanced. Part of the problematic consumption of relationship history. Maybe it would be possible to consciously make the decision to come to terms with even more of the downsides and drawbacks of this insane relationship. And to say in us: I take what I have, these feelings that I have, my mind says nothing and don't climb. It is important that emerging problems are addressed carefully and carefully.

For example, if you feel lonely, you can be aware of your feelings for yourself to write.

Or a relaxing exercise. There may also be someone in your circle of knowledge who doesn't ignore such rational and black-and-white love themes, but is open to irrational spatial connections. Of course, it would be useful to exchange ideas with someone who has similar experience. Love is, well, very emotionally controlled, illogical, and sometimes irrational territory. You can't control who you fall in love with, or quite consistently a life-saving cable, if not more. Maybe you can afford to follow your feelings to be pushed, and sometimes even like a small boat in a storm to ride the waves of your feelings. Obviously, they care about him, and they don't want to lose him.

Also, make sure that Olivia, your husband, doesn't want to cheat on you, if you haven't already.

It says something very important about you and your limitations. I'm guessing she feels inside that this isn't good for her, or that it would even be a break if this principle were in a pile of spears. It would be important that your hope, Olivia, is in your partner. Clearly understand the limits and rules of your connection and try to give it more intensity and cheerfulness. And these feelings are usually accompanied by pain. Sincerely, Giulia Pierino Daniela has a relationship with a married man.

After all, she is a great love, but he does not want to bet.

His marriage seems important to him - but the deal also does not want to give up. How does Daniela deal with it.

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