Meet your ship. No, seriously. Do it. Valkyrie-war zone

Then all three again, again and again

As a novice Valkyrie among pilots, you should understand that your ship is not just your hot wheelhouse, but also your second skinTake the time to study in detail and prepare properly for what lies ahead, otherwise you will burn out. And in the case of EVE: Valkyrie probably burns, freezes, and then dies. Not the best result. The more you know about your ship, the more tools and data it constantly receives, the better your chances of survival. This is your life, your support unit, and everything that separates you from the cold, merciless, spatially bound people.

It contains all the tools and widgets you need to work as a Valkyrie pilot, so let's take a look around.

This demonstrates the integrity of the hull or armor. This is your last line of defense. If this indicator is low, then it's time to"go outside with a hot foot and hide or be healed with the support of a ship."And the vertical bar in the upper-right corner is your state shield. Shields are the first line of defense. As you discover new ships and ship classes, you will notice how they differ in their shields and armor. Heavy class ships, for example, are well armored, so you can risk sitting there and enjoying enemy fire. Pay attention to your calibers.

This little hologram gives you a quick visual representation of what's around you.

Blue markings are friendly, orange-hostile, yellow-missiles and so on. Objects and especially enemies appear on the radar in the form of arrow tips indicating the direction of the object. Even if the enemy is targeting you or is located in the cone area behind you, it is more visible on the radar. Missiles Dozens of missiles cross the battlefield at any given time. Only target missiles will show you the HUD and bring clarity to the chaos. Under certain conditions, friends will appear on the radar. If you send a warning to heal an assistant or group, you will see them (here in blue). If you fly to a ship with healing ability, all friendlies will be visible at any time.

Radar is a great tool, but don't rely on it too much.

After all, this is VR - in any case, you need to look at the radar from time to time to see how busy you are there, but we recommend that you focus on fighting mainly from the cockpit. Take a look at the yellow incremental panel at the bottom left and right of the cockpit.

These two indicators inseparable.

The capacitor on the left shows the amount of stored energy, and the speed indicator on the right shows the speed of movement. The more you zoom around, the more you reduce to a single capacitor. With this in mind, it is better to use traction in short bursts than to constantly push.

In fact, this is exactly the advice you get from experienced riders, because using short bursts of traction combined with an occasional change of direction is the most effective way to stay safe while following.

This is a vertical bar in the upper-left corner

This view of the left panel does not always look exactly like this image, because the information it contains changes depending on circumstances.

Here you can see the status of the three checkpoints, the number of clones remaining for each team, and the time remaining before the match.

Checkpoints In the match control, this field also shows the status of the checkpoints that your team must record. If the points are if you are white, then you have no control. When the drones are deployed, you will see the circle around the indicator gradually change color to indicate that the checkpoint is about to be captured. The color of the indicator's control point changes completely when the point is captured, and a small icon appears indicating the command that was captured. If you look in the window, you will see that there are floating indicators of checkpoints. So if you see a specific target under fire, you can run to disable and re-capture the enemy drone.

Carrier attack map During a vector attack, the checkpoint icon disappears as soon as the checkpoints are secured and the shields are lowered to be replaced with a virtual vector image.

You will notice that it is marked with white dots.

These are the remaining cooling nodes - this is incredibly useful as they mark their exact location, which means you don't have to constantly search for them. Clone of Tini Blue stripe shows the current status of the clone in the VAT, or in other words, the time when your command is still available. Orange stripe of the remaining clones of the opposing team. Just below, which is an indicator of the remaining time. In death match teams, you lose when the battle ends and you have fewer clones of the opponent left. So if these indicators show that you are at a disadvantage, it's time to play your game a little bit. Exclusive health vector for multi-user attack vector, this indicator has several functions, one of which shows the remaining health vector as shown here. Com Alerts lets you send short messages to other team members. Tap the D-folder down to display the Warning menu, use the right handle to select the desired message, then release the D-folder to send the message. As when listening to an alert, the list of recent alerts is displayed as text on the right side of the dashboard panels. Now you are more familiar with your surroundings. Now all you have to do is buckle up, play the game face up and show the galaxy who the boss is.

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