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I want this article to be about men

We usually do movies, soap operas, or novels to read that there is a person who is not yet ready for itWe have a reverse discussion situation where a woman and someone who is not ready for the first signal, if you forget to answer text messages and missed calls, or you are late for appointments all the time. This means that you are not in love and therefore not ready, you have so many excuses not to meet your family after a year of relationships. Look, maybe he's scared, even when they're out in public. Have you ever noticed This means that you are not ready for someone who has an annual business plan for your project, but you are not responsible when you are on vacation. I'm sorry, but I'm not your main concern.

He also refuses to meet with his friends or their messages

You refuse to talk about the future. You give up a number of things that you can talk about, such as"How bad today is". This is very easy to see and understand when you are still connected to your past. You always talk about your ex-boyfriend and funny stories that are related to their past. Compare your relationship with the past. It is called by their name from time to time. In this case, there is no place where you have something against other men to meet. You're Dating someone else, and it's good for you if they're a friend"with advantages". Almost never every weekend do I enjoy disco cocktails and dancing all night long instead of having a romantic dinner with them and watching a true love movie. She doesn't want them to join her and her belongings. Or worse, she didn't want to spend the whole night with them he asks me to go to the pleasant part, under the pretext that there will be a business meeting in the morning. Maybe he just needs sex, doesn't want to, doesn't travel together, and has to explore a new land.

You prefer a vacation with your friends, but promise them a magnet for shopping.

You have trust issues. Who knows, maybe it's because his past failed relationships are connected. You say that men don't know and they can't look at her. They want to be independent and somehow accept their help. They rely only on themselves.

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That, of course, is what brought you here

This site conceives and presents the experience of ordinary people, in General error analysis and in an attempt to share it with people who can help them stop drinking and be free from alcoholIt reports on the"alcoholic experience"of our community. All alcoholics torment themselves with one question: how can you stop drinking and not try to get rid of this unbearable desire to drink, how can you get rid of the constant obsessive thoughts about alcohol. Maybe sometimes you tried to stop, but the result as such was not enough: enough patience for a few months or even less.

Unfortunately, this happens quickly and does not work

You have begun to attract the prior by living with such terrible intensity that all the other benefits and opportunities that sobriety gave you have lost your sense of purpose, Yes, and a sober life seems meaningless. Perhaps you have tried other methods of treatment: coding,"or even went to settle with healers, from those who are in many divorced, today, in the vast expanses of our country. Because there was no result. People often ask those who have left: How did you do that?"Because in his day we drink as much as you can. You have tried many times unsuccessfully to be cured, and many of us have lost faith not only in the people around us, but in ourselves as well.

Sometimes we thought it was"hopeless"and our willpower was so weak that we ended up in an intensive care unit with cirrhosis of the liver or in a prison with high beds. What a person needs to stop drinking.

The answer to this question is very simple - you need to want it. Or rather, to want to change. What do you mean by"stop drinking"? To think is to give up alcohol, not to drink alcohol. I always thought so. In fact, stopping drinking means an inner change of the person, his soul, his confidence in himself, his attitude to life.

It's a long road.

It takes time to change and at the same time learn to enjoy life without alcohol. But don't get angry. If you really want to stop drinking, i.e. change, it means that you can go this way. What's the matter? blogs or diaries of participants of the website, personal experience Article about alcoholism A history of true stories left by guests and users of the site Forum, if you have questions for employees or professionals who need a detailed answer, it is better to place them there. live chat: communication, humor, support To become a member of our community, you must register. For very dubious comrades, we share secret information: We are not a sect, but your homes and your donations are necessary for the universal treatment of alcohol addiction in France and some other countries).

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Women correctly via SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp cover letter this fatal error when Writing to a woman you should definitely avoid

Write about something you've noticed about her

Ask yourself this: Helps your phone to you with your chances with women, or hurts you? Read this article to find out how you have to cover letter womenDon't be boring - EXCITING. Don't be too formal. Or about something that you both like, such as the last Episode of a TV show both looks. If you have a text conversation with her, it should be about something interesting.

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The two books there are on Amazon

The pediatrician checked the regular U-tests of the course of weight developmentHe weighs Your child and carries the weight in the table provided in the yellow book. Regular weight control is important because of the many measurement values, it can also keep track of weight development and the Standard the WHO curves.

If the children are older, young boys and girls have different needs.

The two books young. As you grow up happy and girls. As you are aware of and happy to give tips for the correct handling. The weight of a girl should be very far from the normal range, it is advisable to speak with the pediatrician about it. Because if Your child actually has strong Over - or under-weight, that can be a health risk. More on the topic of Obesity in children you will learn in our article "Is my child too fat? “. The right way of dealing with the offspring is not always easy. No matter what age, there is often Friction between parents and children. The world's bestsellers The secret of happy children“ may these hurdles will help to master and gives tips for a harmonious Coexistence. The weight of girls is dependent on the age and the body size of the Child.

If Your daughter, for example, is very small for her age, is also be the weight is lower than that of their peers.

Therefore, the Body mass Index for girls can also be a point of reference, in order to control the normal weight development. Because it is the ratio of the weight of a girl to body size. For children older than ten years, the BMI is the best method to check if your weight is within the normal range, and You can use it with our BMI calculator to determine.

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