Turkish Dating: Turkey-US-Meeting a good sign for relations - Daily Sabah

At the recent Meeting of the U.S

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Turkish Dating said on Monday that the recent Meeting between the leading Turkish and US officials is a good sign for both countries, especially to overcome the differences of opinion in Syria policy, particularly the delivery

Regarding the meeting from the Republican Senator and Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed services, John McCain, said Turkish Dating, the Meetings signal new steps to solve the problems of the two NATO allies.

were discussed-support for the Syrian PKK's offshoot PYD and the extradition of Gülen and other FETÖ members, Turkish Dating. The Turkey expect from the United States, they are taking the necessary steps to improve relations with Turkey under what would only be in the national interest of the United States,' he said.

Ankara has reportedly not happy about the U.S

support for the PYD in the fight against the Dash to the US authorities, and at the same time possible Partnerships between the United States and Turkey with regard to the Offensive discussed. Another issue is the establishment of a terror-free safety zone, which was previously expressed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the US President, Donald Trump.

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