A child without a man: Why more and more single women become a mother

A child needs a father, hei t es

Then I do it aloneA child without a husband why more and more single women fulfill their desire to have children without a Partner. A child without a husband how to meet difficult this decision is, with what a heavy social pressure, the Single - mothers to expect and what are the legal and medical possibilities for the fulfilment of the desire to have a child as a single woman, explained currently the author and expert on family topics Christina Mondlos from Hanover, in her new book, Then I'll do it alone If single women decide to have a child and so your luck even in the Hand.

To the question, why more and more single women opt for motherhood without a father, Christina Mondlos: We live in a society in which our notions of family and love, of bonds and relations in a strong change.

Previous relationships and family forms l scenic gradually and give way to a range of new forms of living together. In particular, young girls have often no strong interest in stable relationships Video Dating Chat at the same time have been developed in the last years, new techniques of reproduction and becoming more common. The artificial insemination of women by means of a sperm donation is now a Standard procedure. So while on the one hand, many feel just isn't ready for a commitment, or a child of their own, offering the medicine, on the other hand, women with desire to have children this way: the witnesses of offspring without a Partner. Single women, the tax to their desire to have children without a Partner meet, will have to reckon with severe criticism by the society. But the fact is so? The advantages and disadvantages of a mother-to-child-family, writes Christina Mondlos: Need boys and girls a male vision in the closest family circle? In an American study, young people were investigated, which grew up to hold in A parents house, it turned out that these children tended to be less to gender-specific behavior. Girls were described as more independent and boys as sensitive as this in traditional families with a mother and a father in the case Video Dating Chat That children may be seen less, to a socially defined gender role, as an advantage, but it is not a disadvantage. The gird disadvantage is definitely the alone: you alone are the most in the middle and in pain, alone, with all of the requirements of care for the child, alone with the financial responsibility. The decision for a child without a Partner makes it imperative to consider carefully whether it is grown with regard to resources is the sole concern for a child.

Christina Mondlos describes quite correctly, that A Possible disadvantage, if children grow up without a father, is the garere lack of resources, such as financial resources, time and attention.

Most parents would like to have for your child is always plenty of heat, patience, and time. However, even if this is more difficult than for parents, so you have to be aware that this ideal situation is not achieved in reality, in none of the family permanently. And even if it is purely staffing for a Single offender is more difficult should be to meet the needs of the child, as for parents, according to a study from Great Britain shows that they have another advantage: Single-Mumm's had in dealing with their children a higher Ma of satisfaction and significantly Weinberger. The adjustment to Parenthood is not playing therefore a role to be underestimated. Women and men in a stable relationship, it is made much easier to decide to have children. Such a classic family fertil is considered as of course and of the Society has come to be expected. Pairs, which are often under high social pressure and, for example, pushed by frequent questions as to the desire to have children and more and more babies in the circle of friends to start in the Phase of the families, fertil. This is not a woman decide for a maternity, even though life with a child, corresponds secretly with your Wishes and expectations in life.

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