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Our Dating site is a Dating site where you can easily find your loveThe portal was created specifically for those who want to build stronger relationships and meet new people. Here they talk like young people and girls, like Mature men and women who are eager for romantic adventures. We work on the site, there was an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere, users actively communicated and it was easy to contact them.

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We are against statistics of injuries, robots, abandoned questionnaires and other tricks. Only real users from all over the country are affected on the portal. This gives you more opportunities to explore a potential lover without any special conditions; A convenient site structure - even a person who is far from modern technologies will always find the way to the interface of our portal and will be able to start communication. A particularly simplified structure allows you to immediately understand the site's functionality, so that you can pay maximum attention to the search in the second half; Social network login option - regardless of whether you like"Introduction to Japan"or don't register, you can pass the test through any social network account.

Secondly, it allows you to create a full-fledged profile to attract people registered on the site; Blog with useful tips - for us, it is important not only to actively communicate on the portal, but also to provide additional information.

Therefore, you will always find a number of articles on the blog with useful tips for successful meetings, promotions or entertaining publications.

You are in the special section"Articles"; Meeting for cities to facilitate communication on our site, there is a list of questionnaires for the city.

Just select your city from the list, and the page will display a list of profiles. Please note that the list is arranged in alphabetical order, and it is very easy to find your city.

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At the right time to start a family

Some of them, others come too late to have a child

Today, the Playground is more often seen by moms and dads, theoretically-by grandmothers, grandparentsHowever, if today a woman is asked with the years of birth of a child: Oh, it was an accident. The fact is that on average, mothers are more and more likely to have a child before they have their first child in the world.

Some elderly mothers have already heard: but the nephew

In recent years, it has had to face the development of society. Today, women are well-educated by gender, and there are many who want to gain professional and career experience before starting a family. Those who want to have children often wait so long to finish their studies, build a house and find the right man.

But what is best for the child? A young mother or with a life experience, perhaps the greatest advantage of waiting for childbirth is that of a woman who has time to develop and see the world, financial security, and a career.

If you already have time with your roommate, you're good at it you know and can evaluate the relationship. A solid Foundation for the family. While the average age of women at the birth of their first son, in West Germany, where the years in case of delay (East Germany), today we have come to the years of the trend is constantly growing. During the course of a year, especially women aged from birth to one year, on average, more children are born than women in earlier years. The proportion of young people who take birth. Research shows that older, often educated mothers are similar to younger mothers and make more demanding life decisions than their sons.

Older mothers, mothers breastfeed more and like to listen with a healthier voice.

CT, but it's not true that you have the best mothers. With future children, it also has economic advantages. According to a study on saving time, Fully employed women in Germany. From euros per year for the simple fact that playback is moving. Women who are the first to get work experience are faster after maternity leave back to work. You will feel a sense of loyalty to your employer.

It's easier to earn extra money on your shoulders.

Parents should pay more attention to their younger children's Parents. They had time, life experience, they are more Mature and have a lot of experience before they gave birth to sons. They don't have a problem with losing the party or losing the party, because it's already well-celebrated enough.

They have less energy, but more patience.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to get pregnant. Because in the years before a woman enters menopause, the number of eggs decreases. Egg maturity often has chromosomal defects that can lead to the risk of miscarriage and to the issuance of a Digene birth certificate.

A new study in the medical journal"Fertility and sterility"(Fertilste and Sterilste) supports this theme.

Researchers found that men, women, the cause of infertility were treated with one of the options with their pregnant eggs.

At the age of one hundred years ago one fell down a hundredth of a figure, and over the years - one hundred. Women who are pregnant, it was a miscarriage in a hundred years, a hundred years and a hundred years.

Young mothers have other advantages and disadvantages.

You can more easily put yourself in the child's shoes and put yourself in his place. Your maternal instinct works even better. It is scientifically proven that women do not learn as they age. The mind and head of behavior plus the steering wheel. For years a mother has been raising children with counselors, and for a year she knows instinctively what to do. Studies have shown that young mothers are more resilient and less agitated. From a purely biological point of view, the best years to have a child are those with the most self - confidence. According to experts, women are the most prolific. The risk of abortion for young women is much lower than age, only for a hundred versus a hundred women in old age, and for hundreds of women aged between one year and a year. At the age of one hundred to one years, there is less chance of gynecological problems, such as endometriosis fibroids, and their actual development will occur over many years.

Pregnancy itself can be easier for women between the ages of one and two, as there are fewer health problems in this age group, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

In addition, young women are less likely to give birth to premature babies and avoid giving birth to light-weight babies at birth. In addition to the physical benefits, the benefits are even greater: intermediate and flexible, which is good for relationships and the transition to parenthood, says family and marriage therapist Susan Healer. The later couples get married, the more difficult the normal path is for them.

So at any age, its advantages and disadvantages, and your child probably still, despite everything, the main thing is that you love each other with all your heart.

The child cannot be scheduled. It comes when you need it.

I understand that I have my own professional goals, no matter how I pursue them.

The father of my my daughter, a friend of my childhood, whom I have known since childhood. Our relationship has become more intense over the years.

When I was pregnant.

This is not planned, but it is not accidental. My education, I moved.

Not recognized as invalid.

I think I'll be able to do it with a woman Loing in kindergarten.

You can not be normal before your career, then the child must think.

Everything will pass if there is a proper social network. I also think that children need other children for their development. For this reason, I don't have a dirty mind, leave them alone.

I had been with my husband for seven years when I was pregnant.

I had just finished my degree in Retail trade and wanted to do an internship, as our daughter announced. I was shocked at first, but it didn't take long because it won joy over. I'm just a mother now. It was clear that I had only been home once. I have a Hana from kindergarten, I signed up immediately, and when you have a place, I will start writing candidates.

My husband frees me from what I am doing.

As an independent businessman, he can support his family. We are very careful that our relationship is not too short. All the grandparents who take the baby with them always liked it, even at night, so there are two of us. I am happy every morning when"Eyes of the Khan"and"Mother"ring. I still take her to my bed and spoil us. I love those times. But I also need my backup plans. You should always be prepared for the fact that everything will fall apart. Who knows? A house full of children has always been my dream. Two years later, I had my first two sons. With my second husband, with whom I also wanted to be together with my children, Initio closed down again. And then Giovanni came.

Since I was many years ago.

In addition to the joy of getting pregnant again, I also had fears and doubts.

Now that Johann is in the nursery, I am soon When I am in school, I plan for years. The biggest income for motherhood is routine, peace and tranquility. I didn't read any more advice books, and I didn't he trusted his senses.

I'm older than the other mothers in the baby group, and this is the fourth time I've sung"Ten little songs."I don't care what others already have, I compare myself, no more.

I don't have any problems at night, don't go away. Professionally, I have achieved what I wanted with my children. And the fact that my son on a t-shirt then abi and his Mitch think I'm his grandmother, I don't care at all. Giovanni is to me a small miracle and an indescribable happiness. Children's magazine is an adviser and guide for parents of children aged three to eight years old on the beaches, as well as in turbulent times. Advice for young families, suggestions and interesting articles about everything that interests expectant mothers and new parents.

SCHULMagazin is a competent consultant, including a companion, offering knowledge, guidance and inspiration to their children attending school.

Being alone vs. loneliness - or: Someone you have to meet. - Mr. Minimalist

Both of these are then to be put on yourself

In the first Moment, probably, a thought that provokes fearMaybe you think First about how negative it sounds, to be alone. Or how bad you'd feel.

Without a connection to other people, friends or Acquaintances.

Alone, lonely, cut off from other people

But it is precisely here that it is worth a second look, and to recognize that being alone and loneliness are two sides to a Medal but are not the Same. A page limits you often, can you even, perhaps, ultimately lonely and possibly embitter while the other is the key to you and enjoy a wonderful social life. What does it mean to be alone now? What exactly is loneliness? And where the crucial differences lie? You can be in the middle of hundreds of people and feel lonely. It is, ultimately, no matter what happens around you, loneliness is a feeling that in you is born and lives. A very negative feeling that probably everyone knows.

Loneliness describes the condition, to feel internally isolated.

A negative Situation in which we feel none of our neighbors really close. Us the attachment to people, to be able to share with you our experiences, thoughts, and feelings to share is missing. I've noticed this feeling, for example, in the last time, as I've decided in the course of my path in minimalism, To not use Facebook for private purposes.

(Surely there are significantly worse examples, I want to give you but most of all, however, is an example of the minimalism.) Once this permanent social relation, the Facebook me to speak once, honestly, has led to believe was missing.

I don't want to here, but talk about what exactly Facebook me and maybe you are or not. Because no matter how superficial, and short of breath, the relationships, and conversations on the Internet may have been for me, so they gave me the feeling to be involved each time social to be social, to interact. As I left the social network, it lacked for me in the beginning of time, of course, because by this decision, I've cut the ties to some people. Today it is different. My exit is now about a month. My life has evolved. This is also my social life. Instead of more day-to-day front of the PC to interact to sit with others, I prefer to be direct with the people. Or at least I'm calling. Any type of personal communication is to me the most. And the remainder of the time I use my life to develop. And there's nothing Better for me than: Only in calm water things. Only in a quiet mind is a clear mirror is the image of the Self and of life. -Hans Marlies to be alone means for me to intentionally foreclose. To decide freely and willingly to spend time exclusively with me. Why is it something so Positive? Now: in the past, I had downright fear. I needed people around me, wanted to feel used, and somewhere also, of course, liked. To reflect my life, my goals, and actions, I paid some attention to the reactions of Others. From This I then moved the recognition, praise and criticism. Longer these questions were there in me: Who are you? What can you do? What do you want you? etc. But no matter where I looked for it, whether in my apartment, my environment, my relationship, I found no real answer to that. And so then I found out what I really want. I have listened to my thoughts, without judging or evaluate. I pursued every thought. Took me some time. And eventually came to the point where my head was empty.

A positive Emptiness.

Because when your head is calm, then you recognize best what you're made of.

You can clearly see who you are beneath the surface. You're deeply honest with yourself. Since then, is alone to be virtually become a kind of Ritual. Once a week I take reflect my time. It can always look different. It is only important to focus on yourself. So, if you have these questions in mind, you might feel lonely or just a clear head want to reflect on your life and on your goals align then give it a Chance. Take a little time to get to know you. If you want to take a bath. A pot of drink your favorite coffee or tea, listen to your favorite CD, relax and get your head through Meditation or Yoga. No matter what off you like to first do it. Enjoy the moment, listen to silence catch up to you. Learning you out to know, find what you really want. Teach, if possible, your life (at least a part of) thereafter. And then enjoy it. Enjoy yourself and your life. And you'll see: If you can, you know who you are and what you want your social life in a positive way. Therefore, alone, as solitude like. Ultimately, this is to be alone, but the key is also from the loneliness.

Use the time with you to find your best self and to bring it to light.

And then try to enjoy it, to show other who you really are.

Chat video English video

Hi, in this Video went a bit wrong

I just wanted to say that I'm doing all this on the phone, and the comments onAlso, I would be huge to me via a comment to the Video. Today, there is a translated Chat log of a Deel Web Chat, which was sent to me again by a spectator. This time with a. Live Video Chat with Andreas Müller from the. in the German language.

I hope you enjoyed the Video and give her a thumbs up

Questions and answers on the topic of Non-duality.

Live Video Chat with Andreas Müller from the. in the German language, Andreas issues on the subject of deliverance answered. In the WhatsApp Chat with Mirko, five spelling errors, which makes almost every time. But these five words to write you from now on. While Chatting in German, the German language to discover.

German-English has a new Feature.

We show you in this Video. Since it is also in my Community again and again, beginners questions to Disco, here is a small Tutorial to this fantastic TS and Skype-Alternative. Teachers of the district school at home, mountain on. on the topic of 'fairy tales' presented, such as inclusive teaching, differentiated assessment and. You creepy Chat messages? Great, because in this Video for 'HOOKED English: Chat, Stories,' reads a Fabian the first part of the story 'What are. Tutorial PS Party Chat settings for the Stream Video recordings Guide Welcome to a Tutorial for the PS. In this Tutorial. In this Video I show you how you to record the Party Chat Audio with Legato Capture Cards. "Follow me on: ▻Instagram. CREEPY CHATS ENGLISH The old house Creepy Chat messages I Creepy Whatsapp chat Sara is mourning the loss of her father afterwards, as.

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It will find the perfect partner for you so that you don't have to spend hours thinking about profilesJust answer a few simple questions or pass a compatibility test, and the unique algorithm will ask partners. In Europe and America, marriage is already linked to Internet Dating.

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Online Dating in fashionOnline Dating sites have registered a huge influx, no wonder. Below are the opportunities for Dating and quickly finding a more than good life partner. Photograph contacts with millions of members of one of the largest German-speaking communities. So, for this or that Dating a beautiful single is easy to find. Dating is very easy in our contact person: search functions allow you to go from one person to you and your interests. In the Maps of Millions of registered users, men and women, you can get more experience. Here you will find singles from all over Switzerland, be it from Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne).

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