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Madchenjahre einer Konigin is an Austrian film of the year by Ernst MatrioskiIn this film, a remake of the matrix of the Same name, filmed based on Comedy of the year by Sylvia Anna, Romy Schneider plays a young Queen Victoria. The film shows how many more children the Queen of great Britain has, and how cousin albert finally falls in love with the bride, just like your adviser. The premieres were bigger. December in Cologne and. December in Vienna.

in the role of the main character

The character of Victoria is depicted in an extremely playful and charming manner, featuring an inquisitive, curious and intelligent girl, as well as a vulnerable young woman who will learn much later, one day, about the Queen of great Britain. However, she wants to do her teacher the good that is good for you. Like yours, however, it is suggested that she should have married, she is with a horse-drawn carriage in Paris to see"objects of comparison". However, it begins to rain heavily from the port city of Dover, and as a result, the Queen makes Prince albert of Saxe-Coburg with his Butler and members of his family in the case of the restaurant in Sost, where he ended up. The two of them learn to know, and they always don't know who they are actually. That's how they fall in love. But Victoria owes it to her husband's birthday party in London this morning. Albert, who doesn't actually attend the party he wants, convinces his city Council. Therefore, accepting the invitation of Victory, but nevertheless. It is quite surprising that we see the Queen, the girl with whom the new Regent taunted last night. Seriously, Matrioska asked for a remake of his film, at first, Sonja Ziemann.

At a dinner in Munich at the Vier Jahreszeiten hotel, which was presented by Magda Schneider, her daughter Romi and Matrioshka, they decided without further ceremony on the role of the young Queen for her.

Peter Age came as one of the candidates to the wedding for one of his first appearances in movies. It was filmed in the lab Shivering, at the Pfister, Wally, in Vienna and its surroundings. Distribution of films was handled by Duke-Film GmbH through UFA-Filmverleih GmbH. The English version, dubbed in the United States, was distributed by Walt Disney's Buena Vista distribution company. The film can be considered a kind of harbinger of the film"sissy", which was watched with the same actress in a similar role and with the same Director, with the same calculation: a biopic about the sovereign, a romantic film and a costume film.

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