Men and women of The band diary of a trip around the world to DW

In the Song, men and women are described differently

In the Video you see a woman and men in different situationsSearch for each image is the right description, and arrange to. In the music video you see men and women in different situations. At which locations do you see them? Complete the gaps in the descriptions of the scenes.

The Song men and women playing the typical role of images and stereotypes about the sexes.

Depending on the culture the image of women and men is different.

Read the Text with the information on equal rights in Germany and complete the gaps. What men are and what women are? There is something which is typically male, and something that is typically female? The equality is already there or we are still on the way there? Let's talk about it. Women are the new heads of the chief, the Boss, the Boss of the Manager in the office.

How could you describe the women and men in the Song? Mark

Men now have time for belly-legs-bottom exercises for the belly is meant for: Legs and buttocks. Women now pay the rent. Men swings a little rocking here: a little back - and-forth of the cradle to move here: a small bed for babies. Men crying, talking about feelings, cooking, washing, Ironing, standing at the sink, the sink in the kitchen, rinsing the dishes. Women now wear a beard. you work out and are strong. Women sitting legs so that the feet are far apart at the top in leadership positions leadership position, a job with responsibility for many employees. Men sleep high high sleep colloquially: a better Job, get, by, for example, Sex with the boss of the Boss for a better salary. Women now look to the football, drink beer on the Couch. Men feel safe protected sheltered in the arms of the woman. What men are, what women are? Women or men? It doesn't matter, oh, man, what's normal? We are men, you are women. You do not need to change. Often the are Women like men and men like women. Men think of love and women in Sex. Men send sweet sweet here for: love cute cute Luv SMS from English) short for Short Message Service, a short message, sent over the phone. Women can defend themselves, and Westerners (from the English) is a type of combat sport without weapons with the bears. Men love a puppy, small puppy, a young dog, and Monkey, a small monkey, and feed the little kittens with a bottle, a small bottle of milk for Feeding babies. Women save the world like an action hero, a super hero from Comics or movies. Women looking reluctantly reluctantly reluctantly without something to want a love film, and prefer to chill out (from the English) slang for: to relax, while all the men cry, and more of the romantic dream. Only a little silicone is an elastic, soft Material that is used in cosmetic surgery here and Silicone, to nothing more. Yes, eat all raw food. Salad and vegetables not cooked, syringes, Botox is a chemical substance that is injected under the skin to smooth wrinkles that are in Trend in Trend fashionable life, according to the latest fashion. Fathers meet with baby carriages like in the afternoon. Men exchange exchange here: each other a little bit of baking recipes, baking recipe, a tutorial on how to cakes, cookies, etc.

bake exchange here: each other a little give-and-coffee-gossip, a cosy Meeting with friends for coffee and cake.

Men are impatient in waiting for a marriage proposal. The Situation in which someone asks a Person whether he wants you to marry him you and hope every day that she asks him to finally ask someone here: a marriage proposal questions whether the Partner, the partner would like to marry one. What men are, what women are? Women or men? It doesn't matter, oh, man, what's normal? We are Men, you are women. You do not need to change. Often the women as well as men and men as women. What men are, what women are? Women or men? It doesn't matter, oh, man, what's normal? We are men.

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