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In June, the third season was announced

Dead Girl Don't Lie (original title: English for"reasons") - an American woman from the TV series of the same name based on the novel of the same name by Jay usherThe first season was. March is released on Netflix. Also on Netflix was released a makeup called Dead Girl Do Not Lie: The Story Behind, in which even psychologists use this word is.

In may, the second season was released, as well as the second makeup.

Two weeks after Hannah Baker committed suicide of her companion, Hannah Baker received a package from students at clay Jensen high school. In it, he finds himself in seven audio cassettes in which Hanna describes her motives for suicide as complicity with people and the environment. Thus, each person is responsible (at least) for one of the reasons for which they are partially responsible. Clay is one of them. While the tapes are being listened to, he is on the path of the dark secrets of Hanna and many other classmates.

So the story unfolds in two ways: in the past, you see Hannah's stories and the situations that affected them.

In the"Presence of clay"and other people on the recordings stand face to face. Some of them have already heard the tapes and are looking for appropriate stories to work with. Since Hanna also talks about crimes, most of them don't give the tapes to become public knowledge.

Universal Studios acquired the film rights to the book"Dead girl doesn't lie about Jay Asher"in February.

Some time later, she was the main character of Hannah Baker before she was cast alongside Selena Gomez. By the end of October, Netflix, as you know, was competing not with the production, but with the mine production plant in Gomez. Hannah Baker in the title role has now welcomed Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette from clay Jensen.

The aftermath was filmed over the summer in the North Bay area of Northern California.

The main settlements were the cities of San Rafael, Vallejo, and Sevastopol. For school"Scene"that was high school"Analyte"in Sevastopol, which was renamed in the series of"Free school". Scenes from the gymnasium and the school ball were shot on the stage of the Mare Island Studio in Vallejo. Otherwise, most of the shootings were carried out on the street on the side streets and in the shops of San Rafael. In early may, the production of the second season was checked. May was released.

It follows the end of the first season and concerns the aftermath of Hannah Baker's death and the complex healing process of other characters.

Primates created by the dubbing company TV Synchronous Berlin. Responsible for directing the dialogue is Geoffrey high Right, who also wrote a book for the dialogue together with Thomas Maria Lehman, Andre Lemm, Catherine Seaman and Marco Rosenberg. The UNITED STATES hosted the first season of a mostly"Echo-positive series,"as the new York times and the Washington Post critically commented. While some literary critics gave the series a positive review for the topics it covered, such as bullying, violence, sexual harassment, rape, and suicide,"Dead girl"did not lie to the world of doctors and medical institutions.

Other classrooms and the library were used as film sets

Psychologists in the US for the first time warned young people and adults to watch TV series, as it can increase or create mental health problems. Also warned that the series was in free driving. So they asked Netflix, the TV host of the show, to release Paris Jackson supported the criticism of psychologists and believes that the series is psychologically biased against people who may be affected by the emotional deterioration of their state of mind. In fact, there were reports that some students were also injured, and as motivation, information provided by the television series. Jamie, the founder of the nonprofit organization Write love on your hands, wrote in a letter that serious people are psychologically biased against them. In a larger number of canadian schools, a television series that was banned in New Zealand was allowed to be shown only in the presence of a guardian by the Office of national minority Affairs. Australian company Head Pace, which deals with health issues, criticized the fact that this series, having dangerous content is associated with a suicide colleague. Manager Kristen Douglas noted that the number of calls and messages from counseling centers by email, according to the series, has increased. In Germany, such an increase in the number of calls and e-mail messages regarding a series with a pain number was not recorded. As well as the portrayal of Hannah's suicide in the series as irresponsible. The organization Mundraume Schloss der Kritik, as such, imitated the Scenes. At the beginning of the series, a warning about possible consequences is given, which is insufficient both from the point of view of STATUNITANS and from the point of View of political Activists. The world's heads of state are appealing to parents, schools and health organizations to consider the topics of this series. Ute Leitzkau, a Board member of the German society for suicide prevention, believes that criticism of aid and medical organizations is justified, although the producers of the series, according to Leitzkau, follow a good approach. Leitzau he said that he would try to raise awareness and education on the topic of suicide, but criticized the way this is done. The series offers a large projection area for young people, a situation similar to that of visual perception. Even the Netflix memo that the Disruptive Series could have responded to is not being criticized enough.

Leitzkau believes that this series psychologically weighed on young people and was unsuitable for young people.

Nick Sheff, the show's creative team, disagreed. So he said in an interview that the series brought viewers up against the reality of the confrontation and pointed out that suicide is not salvation, but a terrible material horror. Sheff also comes up in the series with the idea that suicide quietly escapes in a dream. Actress Kate Walsh asked not to allow a dead girl to lie down like this, as it is mandatory in schools. Walsh justified her claim that the series shows what suicide looks like, and that for this reason, it's not a good idea to do it.

too big of a mystery topic.

In addition, it supports a series of conversations on topics such as sexual violence, bullying in school, harassment based on skin color, gender, or sexual orientation.

Selena Gomez also defended that the dead girl did not lie about the charges. It was claimed that the plot of the novel of the same name had been noticed, and it was said that the film was the work of Jay Asher, visualizing matter. I was told that sooner or later the series will be marked by heated discussions. The topic of suicide is not just a discussion, so be happy with how this topic is being discussed at the moment.

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The German dubbing was based on Richard Westerhausen's book on dubbing and under the dialogue direction of Richard Westerhausen and Birte Baumgart dubbing company Recording Studios in karst, Audio cd, Berlin.

The first season consists of ten episodes. A series of"Universal cable products"was released. The October series was renewed for a second season for ten years. In February, it was announced that after the end of the current season.

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