The animal-aunt

I see myself as a support in everyday life

The animal aunt provides a daily pet service, or a short-term animal sittig in was and the surrounding areaYou work full time, want to enjoy but without a guilty Conscience to the keeping of a pet? Here, I'll help you. The animal aunt gives you a piece of independence in everyday life and supports you when you are on a limited time schedule, it is long term or temporary. My offer includes long walks with your dog, care of your pet when you are on vacation, at work or in the hospital or movement for your horse. As soon as you come home in the evening, you'll find rested both physically and psychologically and, thus, satisfied Pets and can relax together with your four-legged friend. My goal is a long-term connection to your animal.

I don't get enough time and rest for each animal and rush from appointment to appointment.

I adjust myself to the personality of each animal.

First aid course for animals. And very important: your education will not be asked of me in question. Your pet will be more professional of me - and animal-friendly care of but this is always according to your rules. Dogs: feeding after the walk, and the gift may required medication to cats and small animals.

A temporal part of the daily care of your pet, I take them

Apparent health Check at each visit.

Very I am happy to help you with feeding or position.

Because I treat each customer request individually, it is important to me, you and your pet in advance, and of course completely free of charge. I would love to come to your home. So you get an insight into my way of working and, together, we can the behavior and the Needs of your animal discuss. For this important initial conversation, I'm going to take a lot of time. Through my work as a horse nurse I was aware of how great the Emergency may be, if one is even able to be done with the animal care and relax would like to take a vacation. Due to many requests, the idea of a mobile, professional, to the animals, you feel where the most comfortable to take care of in their familiar surroundings. Also, it is very important to me that a relationship of trust between you and me. I attach great importance to the fact that the animals and feel you are in good hands. That's why I offer to pre-interviews, so that you can get to know me. Also activities, like first common for a Walk course, or if I watch you work with your horse, which is a prerequisite for a good relationship of trust.

You can also look at a Cup of coffee at my home in the past.

For me, it's not the quantity, but on quality. I inform myself regularly at various events around the animal, animal health, First aid to animals, animal nutrition, and education issues. It is important to me, the most sensible, and for the animal fairest of the event to take.

You and your pet will benefit by my Knowledge, since I can respond individually to the various needs of your four-legged friends.

Hi, I'm Sabrina and, for years now, I live and work with animals. Also professionally, just a way was soon clear for me: with animals it's supposed to be.

I'm a certified Farmer I worked for years on various farms as a horse nurse and there was always a point of contact for Hiring as well as riding students.

But also organizationally, I was in a fixed reference partner of the Hofbetreiber processes. I have conducted courses such as the basic pass or the support for the Lunging Badges, as well as for the riding badge. Even in Private I have already given many cats, rodents, dogs, and exotics a home.

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