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You can meet your own person without registering on the siteGo to his profile and click on the"Write a message"button under the images. A page opens where you can write to him and his message, specifying your name, city, address, and other contact information. Please note that users can deactivate this feature and communicate with them only after registration. Then on the next page it will be written:"You could have sent a message without registering, but in your profile settings you blocked receiving messages from unregistered users. For those who are not registered on the site, you can also disable the parade of your profile. This way, you will see that not all users and not everyone who can speak will know without registering. To protect users from spam, a small restriction is introduced: you can send messages no more than once per minute without registration. Dating not only without registration, but also for free Send messages to members of the Dating site completely free of charge, without SMS or other payment methods. In the same way, registered users can view the profile and communicate with each other, without any restrictions and without any payment. The only paid service"Always in touch"is the ability to send and receive messages via SMS from the site. However, this is not mandatory, and you can activate or deactivate it at any time. Knowledge and communication are absolutely free.

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