the support system of making difficult decisions

What we can do to facilitate the decision-making process

Start your life by training fear before making the wrong decision How to make a decisionSupport systems for making difficult decisions Because we do, sometimes it's hard to make a decision. What if you are afraid to make decisions? What should I do if I can't make a decision? Answer to this the issues of this article. Image Photolia is Our way of life, with a selection of products. We must decide to marry or remain unmarried for life, have or not have children, stay in the country or in the city, live, build a house or rent it, etc. Changes in life, such as retirement, the death of a partner, or health problems, always require us to live a regular lifestyle and make decisions. The decision that we are postponing or not is a decision, in fact the decision is to maintain the status quo. For some, the solution is simple, while others stay pregnant for days, months, or even years until they come to a decision. For most people, it can be seen that decisions are most difficult to make in old age. The solutions are simple when one alternative is clearly more profitable than the other. A difficult decision when each alternative has some advantages and none of them is significantly better. Best there is no choice. If there is no better choice, then there are fears that we may make the wrong decision, which may have negative consequences for us. In decisions where we are often faced with difficulties that seem to us safer than a choice: if we choose an alternative, we have the least amount of negative consequences that can be expected, almost in terms of security. If, for example, among the professionals from which you can choose, both are interested in art, and the other is interested in banking, then you are playing with the (correct) choice from a variety of factors. Working in the banking sector promises a reliable and perhaps even income, a job in the art sector, not not. The question of how important financial security is for you, you probably decide for the banking sector. This may seem like a good choice from a financial point of view. Maybe, but in a few years in the banking sector for the painful realization that banking is boring, stressful and unsatisfactory. They make good money, but the price is high. They would have kept their artistic streak. You will regret your decision. So, in the end, it was the safest choice in terms of personal activity satisfaction, but it's not a very good choice. ADVICE: Ask yourself if you are really life and death. it would indeed be disastrous if your decision were exposed as wrong. What your life could be like and then move on. ADVICE: If you have a tendency to go to the safe (see the example above), ask: Is it really so important that I personally discriminate against You if You don't want to or the satisfaction of my personal inclinations and interests is the most important thing to me? Talk to your friends, those who are crucial. In this mode, you can use several topics to make a decision about or against confiscation. ADVICE: It is also useful to write down the arguments for and against the confiscation order put them in two columns next to each other, and then count if the arguments for or against the ruling go beyond that. ADVICE: You don't expect to make the right decisions at all. They are not visionaries and do not see the future. Wrong decisions are inevitable because we never have all the information we need to make the right decision. And every decision (even the right one), both positive and negative, affects our well-being and satisfaction. ADVICE: When you have made a decision, even if it is not always discussed. Say with your heart: Stop.

I have considered all the issues, and it is time to act.

ADVICE: I'm sorry if an unfavorable or incorrect background solution is detected. Tell me: I didn't make a very simple decision. Everything I learned, I thought.

There are big and small, easy and difficult solutions

I did everything I could to make the right decision. I do not see the future and absolutely cannot assess all the consequences of the decision.

Now I will try to think about how I could do better than the situation."I wish you have the strength to make the right decisions and the courage of those who make them to face the adverse things that turned out later.

Thank you for your time. For many years, I've been helping people solve their personal problems. As a balance of my professional activities, I can find Nordic Walking, meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu and baking delicious sweets. Lupo, I have an important decision to make, moving from the North to the South of Germany, after many years of being in the North. I'm Annie and I'm a South German. It would be a whole new beginning. I have your solution in bed, I find it helpful. I am interested in the mailing list. MfG Sigrun Forza can't wait for positive impulses:"Except for the 'good' consultants and 'volunteers', but it is sometimes difficult for me to decide or motivate where to send the case after the decision is made, to understand that an important point of evasion, and for whatever reason, can not go through the decision to abandon the case."For example, in the case of an obligation for an apartment where not all checkpoints are occupied due to tight deadlines. Jump with a difficult alternative: not so much because someone was going to hit their head, but because the fear is that the alternative has suddenly missed non-trivial inconveniences that took place previously. I find the article very useful, but it is really difficult to make decisions in all respects, both personally and professionally. Making a decision also means change, both positive and negative. LG Brandenburg I recommended this book to my therapist because of the themes of depression, anxiety, perfectionism and I can only say-I call it my personal Bible.

I often worked on this book, found out, and only this helped me a lot.

I recommend a PAL consultant to my patients because important information in maintenance therapy, the method of transmission. While waiting for therapy, books are very helpful. Thank you for your visit. It's another beautiful day.

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