This means that a Ukrainian woman should buy. Weddings with Ukrainian women

This may seem too good to be true

You no longer need to worry about why to spend money, because a woman can make an impression, not on gifts, flowers, meetings in a restaurant

Well, for men from Asia, Africa and China, this is not a problem, because there live men from these regions, from Ukraine.

To do this, it is legal, you need a residence permit, and you can get it in Ukraine, the easiest way to help a person with a Ukrainian wedding passport. On the market in Kiev there will be such opportunities, for a Buck you can buy a Ukrainian woman and a residence, an apartment of this woman for daily rent. How often you actually see a woman is obviously on another sheet. The Ukrainian government looks as if this path of illegal immigration is not quite burning anyway, perhaps because at first glance it looks deceptive, because paying for a Ukrainian residence permit when many Ukrainians leave the country faster. However, currently with the Ukrainian there is no verification of whether the marriage is real or simulated, and there are no penalties if it is discovered. In Germany, as a foreigner with a permanent residence permit, all the levers were used to achieve this goal. Often in the most popular Newspapers there are ads with a somewhat clumsy title: a Woman wants to buy and get married. Many female readers, and especially male readers, feel that these words remind them of the middle Ages. In fact, the age of slavery and servitude, which women, of course, could still buy now, has become history. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the purchased wife and subsequent marriage are checked by the Germans in matters concerning foreigners.

So you can apply for a residence permit

Therefore, the authorities must find useful evidence to find out that this woman was only bought for permanent residence, rapid marriage of illegally classified and annulled persons.

We do not know if there are already places in Germany, such as the above market in Kiev, where open services are offered under the motto"Woman wants to buy applications".

However, if you want to buy a Ukrainian or Russian woman, then our Dating site is the place to go, where you can buy a female expression, not what we have, but it is already clear that most men therefore do not buy mine in the literal sense of the word, but just want to meet a Ukrainian woman and later get married.

We specialize in Eastern European Dating agencies and offer such services throughout Europe. In Germany, there are more and more men with a German mentality, women no longer have thoughts. German women, either fresh, career-driven and little family oriented, or promised care that is not suitable for starting a family. German men, but increasingly just to know a woman, because family, children and family is not a tedious independence, but a vocation and satisfaction at the same time, and these tasks are performed selflessly. For Ukrainian women, this is really true no problem. Women in Eastern Europe tend to play a different role. For these women, family comes first. They are sons and a happy husband, and they are also a wife.

But this does not mean that these women are stupid or naive.

Many of our Ukrainian women have higher education, often even University. These women crave a happy family life. This applies to Ukrainian women, not to Steyn, only to the family, home and children. This is the fundamental difference between German women who make a career as quickly as possible after the birth of a child. So if a woman wants to buy our Dating site absolutely right, but only when looking for an equal partner, I'm for traditional family values at the top of the scale.

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