Ukrainian women - The twelve greatest mistakes

Wife finds something good and the man is always the same

Man (n) can be so much at the first Meeting wrong and it brings men and women to be pure desperationMost of the time it is the own uncertainty, which understand women completely miss and a first Date burst. You can avoid awkward Silences, embarrassing bodily noises, or the wrong topics of conversation. Just show interest. As a man you can stand on a first Date quietly to his opinion, and the Express, then it is more credible when you actually have the same interests. A woman has a husband dear, of your pros and cons as a man who happens to share your interests. Point out the similarities on the first Date to be calm and emphasize the with a history. Women want to be sought after, and they want a man. Only nothing wrong with The man, the woman finds especially interesting and wants to do right by her. How is this going to end? Exactly, because nothing will come of it. No woman wants a man, the first Date only according to your tune dance. On the contrary, women a man, who is also his opinion.

And what brings it to you, if you adjusted on the first Date totally.

Not only that, this is not authentic. No one is likely to feel comfortable if it needs to be adjusted in the presence of another person. Then you or he's just not the Right thing to do. Clothes do not Come in the summer temperatures to appear on the thought in short trousers and sandals for a first Date. This is absolutely frowned upon. For the women the first Date is a special day. For this day, the women have been styled for hours and dressed. On the Ball not a matter of months, Fall in love. If the time between the first and the second Date several weeks or even months, there is a great risk that the interest has now cooled.

The first Date is not an interrogation, Many men bring to the first Date of a catalog of questions and want to with the ladies getting down to work.

The man asks on the first Date the woman, she gets the feeling she is in an interrogation.

This is to be avoided.

The first Date is no Info Tag. You should come here in the Form of emotional understanding and feelings allow. Honesty is the most Important thing in the communication. They make any woman hopes you are not interested. You get to meet the Single Ukrainian women, always with respect and caution and show the women that you are seriously interested in you and nothing Better can be desired, than to give together through life. It is very important that the women realize that you are serious and honest with you. Self-praise stinks, they Sing no Lobhymnen on yourself. You waive all bravado and self-praise. Contaminated sites do not Disclose in the first interview, her whole life story, this would only lead to the women not being taken seriously. Also you don't should Your last relationship, or wife, or your separation reasons.

The Ukrainian ladies are interested in you now and in the future.

Your past is unimportant.

This does not mean, of course, to give always double

Greed is Geyes in Ukraine is generally customary that the man on a Date, the cost of visits to museums, theatre performances, Restaurants, accepts, etc. On the first Date, the lady should be offered.

Please don't be on the thoughts and especially do not discuss it with her, that the woman paid the bill partially or completely.

This belongs in the Ukraine in General to the life style and good tone.

In the Ukraine is placed on these "little things" much more value, than in Western Europe.

Eye contact, The lady looks at you and what most men do in this Moment.

You look the other way. Why? Women want to be noticed by men, so you keep constant eye contact.

Later, they will say: He had such a loving and captivating look.

Also, it is good to use their names and maintain eye contact.

In a bad mood, What woman likes a bad-tempered and humorless men? NO.

Clearly, no one can always be in a good mood, but on a first Date you should be fine. You will feel on the day is particularly bad, you should cancel the Date rather than a bad mood to go. Men try to buy women. Avoid Arrogance or boasting to the ladies. You to the ladies that you want to be loved for their own sake. Women like to be courted.

But a man, indicating with his assets, indicates that it should somehow go to a trade must, therefore, be not surprised, if the wife does too.

Women like gifts, but do not buy. So men, let it slow and metered expressions of your sympathy. Then she is sure to come in better. Please send us now your photo.

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