Video session

An interesting approach to Dating

Strict control of the video."Dating in Brazil"meeting for starting a familyFinding his happiness. Just one video instead of thousands of photos."I like it"or"I don't like it."If the likes are mutual, open a chat for communication. - In today's world, online Dating apps are immediately perceived as a meeting place. And in most cases, it is. And if they want to find true love, then everyone is looking for it equally through friends and acquaintances. Our task is to create an app where the main purpose of meetings will be to create a family.

And I hope we will succeed.

clever way to do research) I like the user's opinion

Invite friends who have serious relationships;) And this is because of this fact: We made a Dating video. Unlike photos, videos allow you to hear a man's voice to see how he behaves. Users can see their partners in conversation almost in real time, just as most videos are taken at the time of app creation. In the chat room, you can hold a semblance of a first date and even then continue in real life. At the moment, I think this is the best amount of Dating app, user's opinion. An unusual app.

And first of all: it works.

Today after work I go to an appointment), user's opinion A good and convenient self-serving app.

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