We are the guys from the Cuckoo video

People who impose their own vision of what it should be

A community of humor geniuses whose messages remain, and the more users Your creations haveI wanted to redo the screenshot of the old one where it was translated as tar dog, but-the translator came up with something better: If you see this entry, I probably already have kicks from uploading it and chose the camera, so listen carefully. You showed up, looked funny, simple messages, and your mood lifted, then read the comments, and the mood rose more and more. year old will not understand how great it was when the cuckoo was buried in politics and take the kittens You are there to adjust you upkeep, this is, again, a lot. Come on, let's go. Give me an example.

If you are really interested in the same correct way, in the post correctlyPointing to the side consume Me.For example, pointing to their image is me.

Mom is a very happy pass-time-to bury everything you play-balls, toys. Here, he likes to sneak around and bury the only evidence. I don't know why, but if you leave keys with other objects in the access zone, then this is them. It turns out that my car keys didn't work, and she doesn't like it. That's why yesterday I had to give up looking for keys in the garden for two hours. It's even more fun in the dark. Especially happy with my Princess, so many people play with her in an exciting game of digging holes. In last time I tried to smuggle in the keys to the apartment with benches. Yes, a bad habit, but I especially left one of her Hobbies and, and even used it as a promotion. The command is executed - before, bury the ball.

After the beef from the lungs will become a favorite of the award.

With a kind word, of course.

It is important to follow the keys.

Hi everyone, this is my first post on, so sorry if the post came out wrong.

Now to the point.

I am the owner of charming rooms of weeks of Syrian hamsters and am actively looking for future masters.

Unfortunately, the response to evil is low, the hamsters are growing and they need more space. A call to Muscovites geographically is the answer to those who would like to pick up a pet clean after it once a week, odorless. Ready to arrive at the metro station. We are happy to tell you about the content, food and care. I want a dog, but once when she was walking. Dream of a cat, but you're allergic. The apartment doesn't have a room. There is no dog in the rented apartment, this is not a reason to live without a pet. Let's talk about what is obvious and not entirely clear to someone you can do at home. These charming sausages have a bad temperament, as well as reserves of curiosity and perseverance that he can only envy. For example, my friend, thoughtfully shifting his weight, decided not to let him open the Cabinet. Another, in the absence of a hostess, just built a great hole in the new starting veranda. Well out of the Hole, beautiful.

You know that there must be two exits in the right hole for safety.

Cute fluffy Bunny and shut up. At the end of rabbit benefits. Well, come on, getting the right rabbit food is pretty easy, and it's probably more than that. Feed and hay are available in any pet store. Berries and vegetables also wink. I'm an Amateur at rabbit content, I admit. The Internet says that rabbits are, in fact, very much potty-friendly, but from my humble experience. Guinea pigs should be loved even for the fact that we are from the th millennia before our era. These are really unhappy Pets. Otherwise, in Guinea pigs, I have a theorist. But at least they're fluffy and cute. And he's still bald and cute. Many in this place, but to no avail. They are easy to tame, very sociable and would love to spend time with you. You need a large cage and food from any pet store. Disadvantages: few rats Live. Terribly small, like an animal, with a temper. At most, you'll have three years. Note that mice and rats are social animals and keep their need for the company of their companion. If you don't want to receive, this men's pair is not suitable. A couple of different sexes will provide a demographic explosion in the cell, so it is optimal-a single society. Number from two to as many as the cell size will allow. Six and a half grams of a genetic defect that causes mice to move oddly. Tell me what smells less normal with mice. A mouse in my soul. Small ones are not very intelligent, but they are beautiful, easy to care for and live well in large families.

Herbivores were studied as parasites, but they seemed to pass by the house.

There are many subspecies and colors. What unites them is that they are easy to tame and communicate happily with two legs. And a brush on the tail.

Where do you get your vision of what is right

Love is strange.

It's a mouse actually, more like a chicken with needles, just gentle.

It's even strange that these guys are not from Australia, usually all the strange ones are born there.

It's funny that in case of danger, the skin is removed. Yes, Yes, quite. During this terrible event, nothing happens in the finale, the superheroes regenerate, so everything is restored in full.

Nature in General focused on this, because it was unpleasant to eat.

Or stand across the throat on needles, or reject the tail the tail will not grow back, or even shed without skin. Tenderness is best left to yourself. Mice with enough character. This is still apparent when they they destroyed Egyptian tombs. Tame them, they don't bite well. For the sake of beauty, we call tasting protein, but what is actually there. Before you, a South American rat. Lives in the house for - years. Degu is social, unpretentious in its diet or pet store chinchilla mixes, quite social and intelligent. By the way, these houses were not. My entire acquaintance with Daegu is limited to a strange winter encounter with a rat with a hairy tail hanging from a stick. I'll write about chinchillas forever. The little ones in the fur room are great Pets. Contrary to popular myth, they are not shy. Manuel chinchilla is sociable and animalistic. You need a large camera or showcase and if it is a camera, you will see sand and hay around the house - a provocation of an Australian garbage can with huge honest eyes. The soft touch of a child who can fly. Delicate sugar protein. No need to fish in the hedgehog's yard. First, he is a nurse and eats insects, and second, they suffer from rabies. But the dwarf in the hedgehog house grown in a manger makes a choice for those who do not like to cuddle. Its service life is about five years. Remember: it's not just the stuffed owl that gets you into trouble. With you was - the most honest blog about why you don't need Pets.

in any case, before buying a pet, you need to check the information in the sources or consult with an allergist, who was always a pet in my childhood.

Herbivores, hamsters, ornamentals, rabbits, Guinea pigs and even an ornamental rooster with. Now I've grown up and one or two cats. And I have one permanent, and the second, in General, an adopted child from the street, waiting for a new family. Hamsters are stuffed with yarn that is hypoallergenic. Full, eyes out of focus. Not recommended for children under years of age.

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