The conversation history is not saved

Chat (web chat) is a real-time network text messaging serviceThis software allows an unlimited number of users to communicate with each other simultaneously. The chat lives only"here and now"and is a window in which messages flow from all participants of the chat.

Usually, each participant can choose their own message color to make the message flow more legible.

To chat, you need to choose a name for yourself, under which the participant will appear on the forum, and send a message in the chat, which will immediately appear in the total number of messages, in chronological order. The difference between a chat and a forum is that you can't leave a message"for the future". Chat exists if you have met at least two people at some point in time. There are several options for chat software: Web chat (a normal web page where you can read the last dozen sentences written in the chat. This page is updated regularly automatically). Built-in chat client functions,"fat client". special chat transcript. Chat program for communicating in local networks, which often have the ability to transfer files, audio and video. Specialized voice and other chat programs. For chat, the app is divided into: A communication group (for example, a chat); personal communication (for example, Icq, Skype.

Messenger) personal communication; Customer service on the company's website (for example,"Viva Internet").

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