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The format of the chat was average

It took a long time for our company's e-Commerce site to appear in an online chatBefore that, it managed to combine the functionality of ticket systems and classic telecommunications, guided by the logic that"whoever buys, they must have a real desire to do it."But I myself started dealing with situations where, frankly, I didn't want people to call and hang up and wait too long for an email response. You start a dialog, and every minute you do your job, you get answers from one operator to another, and as a result, you can send an explanation to your email. Yes, I forgive all the creators of PR and advertising in the web chat. Dating under the cut. The site is literally teeming with articles with reviews and comparisons of various customer support chats.

Then there is a problem when the choice of service provider was not so much a lack of choice or a limited number of possibilities for each solution, but rather a variety.

Read these articles and then explore the locations of the companies was pure flour.

Some companies even gave me a price for my services

The price usually depends on the number of operators. Faced with all the natural question of price, I found in your favorite search engine the phrase"online Dating chat".the first page gave me some interesting options. Meeting with a live assistant in a chat at the cost of hosting from EURO per month. If your company's computer resources allow you to shake up sources and you feel on top of the world. I can list some interesting features: Wide range of settings and comfort Incredibly flexible access rights management Forward another page to the client Access to the client's screen content. The existence of a modular ecosystem. Integration module with the"Ticket"operating system (not yet tested). Friends, we try to respect each other and make the chat settings so that they do not appear at the bottom of the screen from time to time. For me personally, it's usually a gust of wind to shut down the site and not show any interest and make a purchase. When you start using this software solution and you remember it, you should definitely make a donation. Developers of this worthy. If someone wants to read about how companies in France can completely live with Linux-based software solutions and systems, write in the comments. I had some ideas to write an article about this for the distribution.

Here's what we use: Online store platform Mail management system Web analysis system Accounting in the self-development system.

The online shopping platform is not able to guarantee customers the required quality. Office suite. Yes, it has become suitable for commercial use. Customer protection Bank (Browser) Accounting. You won't believe it, he's always working.

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