Welcome - Uta-Meeting in Naumburg

Paul, as well as the pin to be visited library

Safari through the Naumburg museums - with the participant's badge you will get free admission to the High Lily, the Nietzsche house and the Wenceslas storm The Restaurant "hallescher Anger" offers a culinary journey through the Saale-UnstrutAfter the storm on the Buffet, wines of the winery Klaus Böhme tasted. The evening will be musically accompanied by the Ensemble "Salon Pernod" and of Lutz strike moderated. 'Winemaker dreams for Gourmets and connoisseurs' - Exclusive-course menu with accompanying wines of the wine growers Association of Freiburg (Unstrut) reception in the "Antiserum" with a sparkling wine from the traditional bottle fermentation. Let the creative Haute cousin of the mountain hotels "Precious field" surprise.

After a guided tour through the wine cellar you can enjoy regional and international culinary delicacies in perfect harmony with the Saale-Unstrut quality wine.

It is in the East of the castle district in the residence town of Zeitz. There is the Cathedral of St. The Cathedral was the Cathedral of the bishops of the diocese of Zeitz and after the transfer of the Bishopric to Naumburg collegiate Church of Church. The Abbey library has over. Years The book of history. The medieval and early modern collections of the library belong to the oldest and most important book collections in Saxony-Anhalt. Unique is the unity of the historically stocks that you can admire in the magnificent rooms. The journey ends with a small wine tasting in Koschwitz in the vineyards Schulze. On the occasion of the Uta meeting, interrupt the thorn castle, he locks her slumber. With an exciting Ensemble of three castles, the Rococo castle, the Renaissance castle and the Old castle, is a visit to the complex is a Must-enthusiastic for every culture and History.

Alone in the majestic location on the edge of the limestone plateau with stunning views of the Saale valley is worth a visit.

After lunch the journey continues to Bad Sulz to the knitting manufactory Anke Hammer.

Anke Hammer is knitwear perfection of Form and color, warmth and elegance.

Your Designs emphasize the Feminine of the wearer, to underline the Ego and the charisma. In the manufacture of character, produced in small batches are always made of high quality knitting yarns with a high natural fibre content.

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