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Not so long ago, a man or woman found themselves outside your comfort zone to meet a man or woman: go to a club or movie theater, come up with an excuse to date. Now there are a number of Dating apps available for free download that allow you to find a companion and stay at homeSome apps can be used for communication, others are designed for quick goodbyes, and there are apps that allow you to have intimate conversations. We have compiled the most popular Dating apps for Android. You can download one of them for free in the Google Play digital store. GLOBAL CHAT Popular Android Dating app for women in France and LAND. To work with it, you must register an account in the app or log in to your Facebook account. You need to fill out your profile, add photos and contacts, and then you can search for your soulmate. Among the main features of the Dating app are the following: Send an email with photos Communication in text and video format Ability to call mobile numbers The creators of the applications ensure that only validated and accredited account and fraud protection. CHAT, GO OUT, CHAT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The features of the Android Dating app are not limited to chat. For communication, users can use voice chat and even write a message in"direct"mode for app participants in their city. Fans of online Dating with the app can see who is nearby, leave them a note and make an appointment. In the profile form, you can specify your mood, what you think and what you would like to do. You can quickly find someone to talk to about your interests or nature, and perhaps establish a reliable romantic relationship with them. "ONLINE VIDEO DATING"WITH THE HELP OF ONLINE DATING. You can not help but notice the program"Video Dating online". This mobile social network for Dating and theme-based Dating, created for Android developers, is a"Dating"theme page. The app is designed for those who are not used to spending a lot of time at home, but appreciate walking and Dating. Users can communicate according to their interests and make appointments by choosing an interesting place to relax on the event poster. The app's database contains detailed information about city parks, parks, museums, tourist routes, beaches, rental properties, and sports facilities, including promotions and discounts. Here you can choose to organize events such as festivals and concerts. You can also choose a dance school or yoga center as a place for your first meeting - it is important to note this in your profile or discuss common interests. Before each rendezvous point, you can display the route on the map. ONLINE COMMUNICATION One of the best and most popular is the"communication and Dating site". The main goal of the program is to find interlocutors and partners of your interests. During the search, you can set various criteria: Land Age Region The purpose of the meetings If the user is in the report Type: height, weight, education, body type, zodiac sign, language skills Bad habits and sexual preferences The user can mark people as favorites or ask them to send them to the ignore list.

Some callers, you can write only with the purchase of VIP status.

In addition, the app can show users for whom writing is no longer useful: videos, the accumulation of unread messages and, thus, the chances that they will no longer use the program.

Chat participants are divided into pairs: a boy and a girl

On the other hand, the app signals that new users are waiting for them. "SERIES OF MEETINGS"- A NEW MEETING The app is fully equipped with a mobile social network. Once a user has accessed the app through a Facebook or Myspace account, you can see who is exploring the app at that time. Each user keeps track of their interests, purpose of communication, and status in their profile. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter can be used to share the selected profile. Here you can see the rating - how many people this user"likes".

The questionnaires were collected in a special section"Become famous".

One of the useful applications is to alert those who want to talk now.

The entire conversation history is stored in the"Events"section. INCONTRIMAIL One of the most popular Dating apps on Android. After activating the program, You will need a few minutes to fill in your profile. After that, you can start searching for the other half by entering some parameters: age, height, weight, direction, and location. You can choose a partner for a regular business, for a serious relationship, or for starting a family. According to the assurances of app developers, the program is enjoyed by almost millions of people every day, who make about millions of views. The designers did a good job with the user interface, which turned out to be simple and intuitive. The main bar posted photos of users indicating their gender and age. Inside each photo is a detailed questionnaire. GOOGLE-DATING: COMMUNICATING ON DATES. A popular social network for Dating on an official website, where more people register every day. The app allows users to find friends with the same interests, share messages, and meet new love in their city. Communication partners can share photos, messages, and interesting events. In the app's notification system, users are notified of new messages, users who want to meet, or those who have shown a lot of empathy. FREE CALL Cacao is a messenger app that lets you send text messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, and location data. Among the main features of the app, you can note the following: Quick messaging Enabling media file sharing Voice chats, individual or group (: or group) conversations, or a series of stickers and hits. Promotions and coupons from partners for submitting applications Android Support. "MEETING NEARBY" A special feature of the app for communication is only possible here if users"like"each other. The administration is simple: to set"how"you need to swipe to the right, to go to the next profile, you need to swipe to the left. If the couple was there, you can chat in text chat, exchange messages and meetings.

There are several special methods available: "Meeting next doorSocial game"organizing group chats. "Passport"for communicating with people from all over the world. You can use Rewind to give the user an opportunity to Express their opinion. "Explosion", which runs once a week, displays the Topa Guide profile within a few minutes. SECONDARY CHAT The Dating app, in accordance with the principle of operation, resembles the popular in the West, chat service in roulette and is designed to talk for maximum privacy.

The system selects partners randomly, and their correspondence does not see anyone but them. The message history is not saved. After one of the chat participants leaves the chain, the conversation is deleted. The application, although the ability to take a screenshot of the screen and not save photos, video and audio recordings of the chat to the phone's memory, at the time of deleting them.the chat user is not linked to a mobile phone number, and the app does not require any recording. We hope that the review in which we reviewed the best Dating apps will help you not only find a new boyfriend or girlfriend, but also build a strong, long-lasting and romantic relationship.

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