Where I can know better. (Girls, friends, school)

If so, go there, but only once with a few friends

I go to school, I'm very shy, and I'm not old enough for discos, etcMaybe where you live is a meeting place where you always meet a lot of young people. (: if you don't do this, for example, in a pool or lake, maybe a few times boys along with a friend on appeal. if you don't know what to say,"Find a better friend, don't be shy that it might help you."(So shyness, unfortunately, is very bad.

Then ask for a bus time, in an hour, and so on.

Sign up, but it is so important to come to the sports club, but this is because not only girls. As I said before, practice is everything, in the end, you go alone, even if you have to overcome yourself. Merciless and open is half the battle).

Good luck pool, club, sports, stage club, bar, with friends from other schools who should make and say Male friends and take them with you.

Hey, I'm just changing schools for girls.

The problem is that I would like to have a boyfriend or just a friend.

But, since I'm trying my best. I'm quite shy and I'm not like that with the disco.

So I'm looking forward to getting some serious answers.

I am a woman and Years old. I want a boyfriend or just a good friend.

but I don't know, I just don't know.

For example, where especially you guys might know.

I'm the same in class. Children's boys. Otherwise, you will know that no one knows, because no one is real. How do you know how much boys know? Q: Hey, it's me and I want the good boys to know, because so far I've only had bad experiences. I still can't go to the disco, but I'd still love to meet someone. I am also very shy and therefore not a young person.

Could you give me a few suggestions? Thank you for every rattle.

Hi everyone, I'm not leaving fun, but I would still like to meet women. Could you give me some tips on where I can meet the Good Donna in addition to the disco? I think of a girls 'school or a girls' boarding school. Unfortunately, there is not much information on the web: (I did not read that girls can learn better without boys. You know if that's true. Do any of you know anyone or even a girls school? To contact me, please reply between) Me and I and I have a little problem. I am attending a girls school, as I have been doing for many years without having to contact with a real boy.

Catch a slow, smiling stranger, from"Boys on the street"

Yes, but also, something like"Puberty-esque"that knows the opposite sex, or. Then I can at least with my friends celebrate and ask the boys about it, but there is another possibility. Hello, I don't have many good friends, and only two of them are boys.

I would like to meet new people and maybe make new friends, but I live in a country where I know almost everyone.

Here you can swim in the Nile or go for a ride in the Park or whatever, but you really know me, not like I do, then you know people, because I'm also quite shy. Maybe you can help me. I live in a small village with poor connections, and you can hardly meet guys here that you know, you have an idea of how best to meet guys. I would like some of the boys to be friends.

He's rich with me.

I would like that, because I don't have any male friends, although I don't mind them. Many girls in my class knows what they hear about people and at least one boy. My question is how do the boys in n know him, although he is very shy and doesn't want to go into video chat or anything else. Hello, I would like to know how and where good boys know and what boys like girls so much) thanks in Advance to Lenaus for having a lot of bad experiences in the collected relationships recently. So I would like to reach out to a few more boys to know that with a good and deep friendship, f can listen without creating a relationship. The problem is that I have a girls school that I go to, and so I have little contact with boys my own age.

Then when I have a boy that I found, he can help me, which makes me realize that even he is just a friend, asking me, not a relationship.

Somehow, there are several characteristics that speak for it. I would appreciate your answers Thank you Hello I I'm going to the disco with my friends more and more often lately, from Sera. My girlfriends have a boyfriend, but I don't do it. I'd like you to know. But I have no idea what to do or say. Since I am a fairly calm and reserved person, I find this particularly difficult. Do you have any tips or ideas for me? Thank you, I go to school and I just don't have any contact with boys, or I'm with boys friends (How can I, someone who knows about where and how to trust to know the best people. Good guys with whom you have a serious conversation and so on. I went to school and wanted to ask where revenge, a lesbian school, came from. I mean, if you're a lesbian, you can't be a boy, but you still suffer from being their friend. But it's not like a girls school. And that means that no one at the girls school is gay. Where is this school for Schoolgirls, full of lesbians who take revenge. As you can see, the disco is best meet a woman who is easy to dance with or spend time drinking with. I go to school, so I have mostly female contacts. I know a few guys that I want to see, figure out who I am, but there aren't that many of them, and I thought I was friends with a couple. How do I get men to get to know each other and build friendships? I'm quite shy, and I'm afraid it won't be as smooth as he wants.

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