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Like many other"Internet and technology"services in the industry, online Dating has long been a part of our livesYou hear a lot of stories about how intimacy over the Internet helped you find a soul mate and create a strong family in the future, but there is another trend.

According to statistics, the percentage of divorces is equal to divorces, while the marriage lasted no more than a year.

What is the problem? Compatibility partners play an important role. The"like-minded"website was created to solve this problem and is intended only for serious relationships. "Half"helps you find the person, the relationship with whom you take the most favorable form for you. The unique compatibility check system shows the percentage score of each person with you, shows you possible difficulties and how you can overcome them. In addition, the site has tried to combine the strengths of such sites, starting with a friendly interface, performance and useful functionality. At the moment, the system is able to monitor them: Compatibility by date of birth and name Compatibility by year of birth Compatible with jet engine reaction delay numerology compatibility by date of birth Application for This is another way to manage our development in action with people's family members. And it's no secret that social networks are often used for Dating. With our app, you get a new feature, such as checking compatibility. Once again the main differences between the site: Polova is a unique online Dating service: fast, convenient, and functional. We have developed a unique system for checking the compatibility of two people. We believe that finding love is the highest happiness, and the site is intended only for serious relationships. To date, we already have the approval of dozens of people, but the desire to move the site EN masse, for this we must develop a mobile version of this site. And a huge desire to make a really popular website, created with the participation of tens, hundreds, thousands of caring people.

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