Chat on the December exam

In the chat, you meet men and women from a simple chat

In public chat rooms there are usually online moderators, the chat supportIn this chat, parental control is written in capital letters, and inappropriate private messages can be reported immediately. Here, as a rule, there are less active users, photos and statistics of each conversation with a simple right-click on the user name. When the chat platform is called, the presentation is performed. Smiling pictures and good mood of Men and women alternate with different fonts in bright colors, between which there is a login window to go directly to the beginning of the chat. People interested in chatting choose a nickname and accept the rules to join the chat right now. If you scroll down, you will see that this is not a commitment, but real preliminary information.

Chat is free, you can sign in without registration

In addition, site visitors are currently active chat rooms in Numbers. The counter counts community activities in various categories. In the chat, each entry has a nickname, immediately chat and with others to get in touch. Some chats are reserved for registered users. You don't need to specify an email address for this purpose. To do this, you just need to protect your nickname password. Users receive various levels of active time and coin savings.

Registered users can upload up to ten images without having to issue coins.

Each member can be a list for managing photos of other maps and statistics. In the shopping center there are coins for issuing functions. In addition, each conversation has access to a forum where they can create and send messages. For our test, we combined one of the profiles of men and women with us. For a male profile, we log in to your computer, while for a female profile, we log in from your mobile phone or without registration. I immediately noticed that the chat is mostly filled with two testing profiles. The friends list, shopping center, and chat games are only registered now. Photos can only be uploaded as a registered user, but a map with brief information about another person and activated chat participation is available to anyone who connects. The features are available on both your PC and smartphone. If you want, you can write in a global chat with other members.

However, since the number of active users very large, it is necessary to have fun in a private setting as soon as possible.

On the left side of the monitor, the chat is running on the right side, and there are possible available users and ads for the chat. When private conversations open separate, separate closed Windows, when the private conversation stops. The color can be changed and there are many emoticons, sent chat messages can be edited. Registered users receive unique, randomly generated content as a gift every day. We won coins for our test. Your status can be changed at will. To do this, select Chat if you are online, busy, have little time, are ready for a chat, game, or phone, or have forgiven for loving. Games are an appropriate pastime, and sometimes a good opportunity to play and socialize. Since no participant is forced to register, the question arises of how to get information about their possible chat partners in advance. Profiles, usually, they are not. Online participants are shown in the list and can be clicked individually. When someone is online with their mobile phone, each conversation will see small icons next to their name. If chat assets were not registered, this can be a user's viewing statistics or a message to users. However, this is a private chat in a separate window, and messages can be blocked. Anyone who is registered on the site, wants to make contact, also provides a list of friends, can send or invite a friend. These are images that should be viewed directly. In the chat, inactive users are located in the displaced timeout zone. In this time zone, time is not taken into account and coins are not accredited. We return to the chat that is active throughout when the yellow 'Chatroom' bar is clicked. Several games are available directly in the chat. With just one click you can start chats with one of the four selected options: for a high Gomez score, players can choose a category and try to get a high score.

The categories are divided into Action, Bubbles Co, Casino, Thinking, Jump Run, Classic, Street Click, Race, Reaction, Sports, and Strategy.

Interesting games are created in the list of favorites, and both new and most popular games are available at the top of the list of players. Most users play in the"Click"category of games and casino games. In this game, the player must exit the game and see who is the first of three crosses or circles in an organized series. For each victory, there is an accredited chat. In a separate window for all the rules, read and learn about good winning strategies at your leisure.

According to statistics, everyone can see how often they have won, lost or drawn, and what can appear in a high game rating.

In the case of draughts, two players of the famous Board game of draughts compete with each other. For our test, it was determined that the game could not be started, and when you when you access the note guide, the corresponding page appears unavailable. Any random day with questions to answer. There are four preset answer types for each question, so the correct one is selected. If the answer is correct, the quiz participant receives an accredited chat. The percentage of correct answers that will be given by the quiz Manager. Each participant can also submit questions with solutions presented in the chat team.

During the test, two questions were asked about the offer, and for the poor, within two hours we received answers that were accepted.

This is a question that you took the coins to the Destination. The mobile version is a chat with the same ease as a computer. However, games are not available here. A simple list with possible user positions. Personal chat via"Last chat". Access to the forum is possible without problems, and the nickname cannot be protected with a password. Also log out without problems. If you landed in the timeout zone, just turn to the side in the timeout zone and return to the active chat. I accidentally stumbled across a Chat and was very skeptical at first. Wherever I have a free word, it starts, and in my experience, very often ends with an expensive subscription or an expensive one when others want to contact me. Because I don't have anything exciting, you could find it, which means hidden expenses, I just connected and my nickname is protected. Stunned, I discovered that the personal data I had entered was not available on time. Which I really like, but I also see a certain amount of attention. In the room, I saw many uniformed links to external sites or published photos. Mostly a female profile. When dealing with other women, I was a little attentive, because I couldn't see how the Lord was doing it. It is interesting to note that after talking a little about the writer, I felt that I had something to talk about. I found the chat games very interesting and exciting. Tampons there, what Prima has no idea who you're dealing with. The public chat room is full of Skype contact requests or strange affirmations.

For example, in a woman's profile, they ask if other girls have come to your my opinion, you should filter them immediately, because they are advertised in a large parent chat.

In General, I would say that chat is a good choice for informal communication to find a partner. Chat is a free chat portal for Internet users. In addition to chat, there are many gaming opportunities, boredom. However, this is a detailed profile, it is not possible and is not a suitable partner search portal. Since it is free, there is a lot of advertising. Therefore, you should always flirt with caution when contacting, as it is unclear whether you are over years old or not. The age should ask. With a lot of patience. Since we are not talking about profiles that can be displayed, but about a very large number of active users, it is very difficult to find a specific partner. The report feature is integrated into every personal chat.

Anyone who is harassed uses this feature, and the team investigates the case.

In addition, other members can be easily blocked.

In a public chat, moderators quickly catch chatter if it behaves incorrectly. We can rule it out, of course not. However, there were no specific signs during our test. We had pleasant conversations with both men and women, but the impression is real. Unfortunately, there are no reviews in the chat yet.

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