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Where you can talk to foreigners online

Where online you can find interesting absolutely free sites, social groups, videos, online voice chat, foreign roulette, Instagram Broadcast, a group for learning English with native speakersWhen compiling this list, I tried to include only completely free sites for communicating with foreigners for practicing language learning, without hidden costs for removing restrictions. Some motivation: Because, in General, the advantage of using it in working with foreigners.

This allows you to communicate with foreigners. First of all, this is real practice, live practice of a foreign language with a native speaker of this language, so-called language exchange, tandem.

What you learned in school about the"Communist party"may be written somewhere far away. This surjik character trait is far from the foreign language spoken today. In General, I think that they taught us in school in a special way, so that they did not go to the"West"in search of a better life. This is information about the actual state of Affairs in the country, not what comes from the media, which usually provides one-sided information about"who pays the price". And communication with foreigners, you get first-hand information, become witnesses of events on the air, so brainwashing you now will not be easy. You can exchange gifts: everything that is normal for a Russian (a nesting doll, Russian vodka, coins, pennants and other things typical of the USSR, France) is of great value to a foreigner. In response to this, you can get very interesting things that are not available in France: real jeans, figurines, coins, and other things that are common to a foreigner, but only available in France and the former social sphere countries. You can share houses, apartments and hospitality, of course, only temporarily. It is strange for foreigners to live in a real Russian apartment, it is a great adventure, experience, and I am happy to offer you your house (with a swimming pool and a Golf course). If you have money problems, communicating with foreigners can provide solutions, from simple financial assistance, new job offers to new business ideas (which in this regard are wiser than ours (in General), more adventurous, more energetic, more vain and not ashamed). Communicate with foreigners, get acquainted with your future husband, and it happens, such is life. and move to a country with much better living conditions (and fight for the best). So where can I find an opportunity to communicate with foreigners online for free without having to go, go, go? There are a lot of similar resources, and I only watch the best and tastiest things.

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