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It is often not known as the correct word

With the standard dictionary for secondary schools, you can easily find and spell correctlyWith advice on professional job search, the wording helps proactive and online applications. The words are too beautifully forgotten, this edited title is the center of attention. The digital dictionary and style dictionary can be installed as a program on your computer and used when searching for fonts. Duden online offers comprehensive information on the spelling, grammar and meaning of the word. The dictionary specifies the correct usage, pronunciation, and origin of the word, and lists its synonyms. Whether it's grammar or spelling, etymology or good style: Sprachratgeber maintains a basic knowledge of German, one of the most important rules, right down to the curious phenomena. Here we offer you an overview of the official German rules, spelling and punctuation, as well as tips, explanations and recommendations from the dictionary editors. Therefore, to correctly spell a keyword in Duden, you must often enter incorrectly spelled words. Here you will find tips and basic knowledge of the German language, you will be able to deepen some topics or try out fun language games. Interesting information about the German language or the latest offers.

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We offer apps for seven of our famous dictionaries and feature numerous features such as intelligent search or conjugation and declension patterns.

Innovative and proven Duden library software for accessing the publisher's electronic dictionary. We offer specialized texts in German, book excerpts and essays in Italian for download. In this section you will find information on social media topics, newsletters, podcasts, apps and downloads.

Use online spell checking to ensure that your texts quickly gain access to spell and grammar checking.

For many years,"Duden"has been playing the role of"Instanza", dealing with all issues related to the German language and spelling.

In the sales section, we compiled a preview for our latest publisher, along with orders and inventory forms. In this sector, we offer online spell checking, Duden language advice, technical support, Resellers and information about Duden.

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