The best programs for video chat Alternatives to SKYPE

A communication should for sure be the Software before all

For Internet telephony and video chat Skype is since many years the number OneCompanies use the Software for Internet video conferencing and even for job interviews. But it is the best program for your requirements? Particularly privacy issues related to make Alternatives interesting. You can get the best Video and chat know programs for PC and Smartphone with their respective advantages. The Skype Software is free to Download and is full of practical functions which need not however, everyone. The advantages: For companies, there is the paid version of Skype for Business, which is integrated into Microsoft and the content of the conversation content better protects. Data security the free Version has been criticised several times in the past. The security of the users data is one of the most common points of criticism. The content of video chats, as well as sent images and files must be protected against access by third parties. The the following Alternatives promise a comprehensive protection of your privacy. The Team behind Tangled, is composed of more than employees from countries - many of them were part of the original Skype team. With Tangled, the European company wants to revolutionize, according to its own statement, the secure communication. You can transfer, chat, data, Audio and video calls and content from platforms like YouTube and Sportiv parts and all of the data to be transmitted by the end-to-end encryption.

Your personal data will be stored on servers in the EU

Additional plus point: Tangled is protected by European data protection laws. Do you remember the Instant Messenger ICQ? The service was launched on the market and was widely used in the following years. Since then, the users are to pay, however, fell sharply.

In the meantime, the application additionally supports video calls between two Video-conferences with several Conversation participants are not yet possible.

The great advantage of ICQ is the end of the chat-to-end encryption as a default preset. Calls to mobile and fixed network supports ICQ as well as Skype for a fee. The Software Jiris is based on Open Source. All conversations with and without chat are tap-proof, encrypted, in addition, the encryption of the Chat-communication is possible. Video conferences are not supported, a specified upper limit. How many participants can participate in a conference, mainly depends on the data throughput of the Internet connections. For communicating with maximum privacy, you can login to the Software without prior registration through the web browser. You start a conversation, get a Link, send these, for example, by E-Mail to the desired conversation partner, and by clicking on the Link takes part in this communication. Jiris works without sign-in on the Browser and ready for Download for Windows, OS X, and Linux. With the Smartphone, the program works through the Browser. A further Alternative with secure end-to-end encryption of Instant Messenger is death. Video telephony, chat, and Send images and files are supported. The Software works without a Central Server, for anonymity and secure data transmissions the peer-to-peer network. There are plenty of other programs like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Face time, or Google's Duo, which offer similar functions as Skype. The security of your Information against Unauthorized is in the Alternative presented, however, is more likely.

So WhatsApp to, for example, supports the end-to-end encryption, your personal data will land, however, were on a Server in the US, and data or be directed to the parent company, Facebook.

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