Video chat

Your image remains in speaker collection mode

Learn how to use its camera to participate directly in a Skype business meeting, and ask other users to do the same

Go from speaker merge mode and learn how to use the speaker management tools. This section describes how to perform tasks on a Windows computer.

For instructions for other devices, see the Instructions for various devices. Add a video to a meeting on a Windows computer. Click the Video below to see how you will be watching the other participants. Adjust the camera position. Click on the start video. Switching from collecting reporters mode Click the Select performance button in the upper-right corner of the title bar of the Skype"Business meetings"window. Select one of the following options. Collection mode (default): Videos or photos of all participants are displayed. Speaker mode: In the lower-right corner of the meeting window, you can view a video or photo of the person currently speaking (you can view the content displayed in the scene). Mode for displaying only the displayed content. Using management tools for speakers Right-click on the video or photo of the person whose settings you want to configure. Select one of the following options. Turn the sound on or off: Allows you to turn the sound on or off for a single person. Delete from the meeting: complete the collection of Skype for Business for People materials. Do with our speaker: set that person's normal status as a participant or speaker. Attach Remove from Collection: Attach or delete photos or a person's photo in Collection mode for other participants in the collection. (In the upper-left corner of the user's photo, you can see the button icon with a dash, which will help you understand if, in exceptional cases, other participants are in the collection).

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