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Germany is one of the most visited countries in the world, attracts many tourists not only German beer and sausages, but also the splendid buildings in the Gothic style, which have preserved the original architectureThere are many amazing facts about this country, for example the post office is half a million employees from all over the world, and letters from local residents receive the next day after they are sent. Few people know that Germany is not being punished for a prison escape, here such actions are fully justified by the human desire to be free.

This nation monitors its own health

If you come here on vacation, you will be surprised how much useful the government has done for cyclists. Do more than seventy local residents prefer to travel on this transport, so I specced out of the Parking lot, walkways and even traffic lights for them. Will be interested to know beer lovers, that in Germany there is a law under which companies manufacturing the product, can not use in the production of nothing but water, hops, barley and yeast, maybe that's why German beer is one of the leaders in taste.

The Germans revere and respect the traditions of their own people, they are very meticulous with everything and glad to see in his country of foreigners.

In urban areas there is a web camera, with them, the Internet serves direct broadcast sites. webcam image broadcast around the clock, enough to have a good network connection. In the country quality you will enjoy not only beer, but the tap water is that there is no need to boil or filter.

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