Weight Table Girls

The two books there are on Amazon

The pediatrician checked the regular U-tests of the course of weight developmentHe weighs Your child and carries the weight in the table provided in the yellow book. Regular weight control is important because of the many measurement values, it can also keep track of weight development and the Standard the WHO curves.

If the children are older, young boys and girls have different needs.

The two books young. As you grow up happy and girls. As you are aware of and happy to give tips for the correct handling. The weight of a girl should be very far from the normal range, it is advisable to speak with the pediatrician about it. Because if Your child actually has strong Over - or under-weight, that can be a health risk. More on the topic of Obesity in children you will learn in our article "Is my child too fat? “. The right way of dealing with the offspring is not always easy. No matter what age, there is often Friction between parents and children. The world's bestsellers The secret of happy children“ may these hurdles will help to master and gives tips for a harmonious Coexistence. The weight of girls is dependent on the age and the body size of the Child.

If Your daughter, for example, is very small for her age, is also be the weight is lower than that of their peers.

Therefore, the Body mass Index for girls can also be a point of reference, in order to control the normal weight development. Because it is the ratio of the weight of a girl to body size. For children older than ten years, the BMI is the best method to check if your weight is within the normal range, and You can use it with our BMI calculator to determine.

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